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Change & Differences

Used to hate change and differences! I believe it is a major characteristic in having autism. It all starts at a very young age; you use the same coat hook everyday, when that hook is being used by someone else, you start to get cranky. That’s just an example; I had to go through the same thing of having my coat hanger to be taken. Another example is that there was a soccer goal that was facing the wrong way. Curious I was, I thought the teachers had it that way for a reason, and when I saw a bunch of kids working together making the goal face the other direction, I was a bit irritated and said that the goal should be left alone. Turns out there was a big wind storm back then and the goal flipped; the teachers told me it was alright.

Change is everywhere, and although it may be hard for someone with autism, it’s all in the matter of both the one with autism and one with not to work through the differences that goes on everyday. It took me a very long time until I was...

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Video Games

autism play video games May 09, 2017

Time to get this over and done with… for now at least. It’s hard to talk about video games to both who play or don’t play because even though I’m good at it, I never want to be identified as someone that plays video games all the time. Anyway, here it is!

What are games? They’re games that you play on the video! You interact with what goes on in that little screen! It’s pretty cool!

What makes it all so popular and so fascinating?

I have my own reason why I like playing video games, but based on the content I’ve seen on other people whether it’s playing with friends or the stories being told with video games, I have it all figured out!

Remember ‘fantasy dominating reality’? Video games in a way let’s the player be a part in the fantasy and make it feel so real; it has been advertised for years and years with the concept of being a part of their worlds.

A lot of kids LOVE that! They love to idea of being in the make...

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Which do you prefer? Traditional or CG (CG means Computer Generated)? Seeing them drawings move around like in traditional animation is pretty darn incredible!

Why is animation amazing and in some way be a part of autism? Well, there’s a theory that people who have autism would rather be around the fantasy of animation of any kind than being a part of reality; which is why many would quote characters from video game characters, TV show characters, movie characters, and so on. Why could that be? It can all be colorful, fast paced, full of adventure, and characters that can be somewhat relatable!

I didn’t really pay attention too much on story because I never really understood it too well, I just liked the funny faces and colorful vistas. Then again… most of the cartoons I have watched and actually understood very well were cartoons from 1920’s to the 1960’s. Yeah, there was animation back in the 1920’s; I’ve seen The Adventures of Prince...

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autism listen music May 08, 2017

What is music? Who invented it? Why is it so important?

Who knows who invented it. I believe we’re all born with it.

Same with humor, everyone’s got their own musical tastes. Still trying to figure out what my main choice is for music genres, but they are all so good. One thing that is a big part of me is music. I go pretty crazy about it, it’s one of my favorite things since chips and dip!
Ever heard the old saying ‘Rock n Roll soothes the soul’? Well, it’s not just rock that does the soothing, but any kind of music does that pretty darn well.

Now, a lot of the times, whether it’s ADHD, autism, or any kind of ability characteristic; music really helps calm down the mind, even when I was very little, music just helps me be in control. Early stages of autism really brings out the odd and the strange in the unique ability. There are ways to keep in check on certain situations where it is not appropriate to scream or put your hands down your...

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autism humor try May 08, 2017

Everyone has their own taste in humor. Humor is everywhere! Anything that can make a person laugh!

Have you noticed that a lot of comedians when they’re not trying to be funny, they tend to be shy? Not all the time, but on their personal lives, they are almost completely different people.
People who have autism can enjoy the same kind of humor a lot of us enjoy too. Why am I saying this? Because since I was a grade schooler, I’ve always wanted to watch a fun animated movie with my schoolmates, but never got the decency to ask. Now that I’m 22, I can enjoy many comedy movies with others!

Often times, the humor can be taken for entirely different reasons, a different way of looking at certain context; for example; slapstick. Many people don’t find pies being thrown at someone’s faces is all that funny, but when I see someone rolling on the floor laughing at an old 3 Stooges video and often times catching myself rolling, it is all such a joy to experience!...

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Left First, Right Last

autism left right May 06, 2017

Ever since I was a little dude, I’ve always had a thing for the left and to the right. It seems so interesting to me because when I discovered left or right, I thought there was this balance.
When I was an elementary school student, I would spin to the left 3 times, and to the right 3 times. I would do a barrel roll to the left, and then barrel roll to the right. Everything was suppose to be in balance for the left and to the right.

Even at High School, since I’m right handed on sports and writing, I would train more on my left arm just to make it equally strong like my right arm.

I would even step up the stairs starting with my left foot and end the final step with my right foot.

Now it doesn’t really matter as much which side comes first now that I’m older, but it all had to be in balance back then, but when I broke my right ring finger at age 9, it drove me crazy! Not that it hurts, but that it’s not the same as my left...

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Thoughts about the title "Population: ONE"

There are a lot of thoughts about anything really. But there is one reason why things happen. People like them, or they don’t. I personally like to spread out on why I chose the title Population: One.

  • Abandoned place that only lives on one person, it keeps the place alive.
    His/her world, no one else can change it.
  • Forever stands in his/her home with a dramatic feeling of isolation and depression.
  • There is only ONE planet in the universe that has life.
There are probably more possibilities of why it’s called Population One.
As a matter of fact, to me a few people would think of Population: One as a lonely thing, and I totally get that. I think it’s cool that people can catch that as a lonely thing. But then again when there is a population of one, it could be as surprising and more powerful then people can imagine.

In the book, you will soon see a theory of people all around having their own worlds, and how they are always a population of one...
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National (World) Autism Awareness Day

It’s been about 10 minutes since I learned about this National Autism Awareness Day, and all I can say is “Wow! This is interesting.” I had no idea there was such a thing as NAAD or WAAD for World Autism Awareness Day. Not really sure if it’s suppose to have an acronym or not.

I was looking this WAAD or NAAD online and learned that this day has been scheduled in other days like on the 9th of September and on the 18th of December. I got a little confused because when I think of something that ends with “Day” like Father’s Day or Mothers Day or Independence Day, I think of one scheduled date. But with this Autism Awareness Day, it’s now officially the 2nd of April.

I was looking at other things that end with “awareness day” and I was very surprised by the other things they did ending with “awareness day”. They have blind AD, deaf AD, down syndrome AD, HIV/AIDS AD, cancer AD,...

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Pressure Among Peers

autism peer preasure speak May 05, 2017

Peer pressure! That’s right. It’s a common two worded saying. The definition of peer pressure is when a kid or a group of kids get another kid or a group of kids to do something. Usually that something isn’t good like steeling doughnuts. Stupid idea, yet funny. Personally I like funny things, but that kind of funny is something that is to be done in movies. Even funnier when steeling a doughnut truck. But seriously, when peer pressure goes to something serious like drugs or drinking, that’s when it’s more than peer pressure, it’s a sign of bullying.

Take it from me, I was an open target for peer pressure. People thought I was pretty dumb because they don’t like my looks, and they don’t like the fact I forget words sometimes. I am an active dude, and back in school, people thought that I can do anything. One time in high school, some kid dared me to streak on the football field during the marching band. Streaking...

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Attitude Change

attitude autism change May 05, 2017

I’ve always said to myself that it’s never too late to change the attitude.
When I was little, I didn’t really know how to have fun. I was always the serious one sometimes that thought that having fun has strict limits like not playing soccer when it’s raining. Today, playing soccer in the rain is really cool and helps cool down when running and kicking the ball.

As I grow up, I learned that laughter truly is the best medicine, and having fun is the way to go. I do get my serious side, but that’s only when needed like school work or something.
Then, I had another attitude which is being rude and immature to other people, especially peers. To tell you the truth, I was not peaceable with other people when they were mean to me. Today when people are mean to me, I handle things in different ways that are good to others and to myself.

Unfortunately, as I go on throughout my high school days, I saw kids with autism that never learned that lesson on...

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