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New Routines

Following a routine can be hard.
Starting a new routine can be harder.
Constantly changing routines can be the hardest.

What if constant change becomes routine? A moment where the same becomes a challenge. I will be the first to tell you that I have not set a good example in commitment to routine. Especially when it comes to blog post. So on behalf of everyone inside and outside of AutismWorks, I'm sorry.

So I am working on it. New routine! More posts. I have learned that blogs can be good sometimes. Now onto the new routines in general. What can we do to get back into the new routine of things? Because I can tell you from experience, I tend to think in patterns. Do you or anyone you know think similarly? You're not alone on it.

Look. I get it. New things, deep hesitation, that feeling of messing up on the first attempt, mixed feelings; Especially towards new experiences like getting that new job, living on your own, or getting to know and see a new person more often than usual...

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Mom's Motorcycle

Photo by me.

Ten years old, few years after Dad left, we have moved over to a log cabin in the island. I remember the time very well. We lived normally, I went to school, Mom was a medical assistant, and things have been so very well living in the cabin. I can even remember the dancing that we would do when the music plays in the log cabin.

The one part that I remember very well, was when Mom brought home a motorcycle. A good pair of wheels like that would make parking in the city a lot easier, and it's fun to ride on. She enjoyed the two wheels and wanted me to be on the motorcycle.

I did not want to be on the motorcycle, and I was not very welcoming for the offer.

I wasn't too worried about how to balance on that thing while Mom drove it, it was primarily all about the noise it would make. It's not like a car at all because many would get used to the noise by now whenever someone goes out to the supermarket; And most would be inside the car when the engine stars. A motorcycle...

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