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Which do you prefer? Traditional or CG (CG means Computer Generated)? Seeing them drawings move around like in traditional animation is pretty darn incredible!

Why is animation amazing and in some way be a part of autism? Well, there’s a theory that people who have autism would rather be around the fantasy of animation of any kind than being a part of reality; which is why many would quote characters from video game characters, TV show characters, movie characters, and so on. Why could that be? It can all be colorful, fast paced, full of adventure, and characters that can be somewhat relatable!

I didn’t really pay attention too much on story because I never really understood it too well, I just liked the funny faces and colorful vistas. Then again… most of the cartoons I have watched and actually understood very well were cartoons from 1920’s to the 1960’s. Yeah, there was animation back in the 1920’s; I’ve seen The Adventures of Prince...

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