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Left First, Right Last

autism left right May 06, 2017

Ever since I was a little dude, I’ve always had a thing for the left and to the right. It seems so interesting to me because when I discovered left or right, I thought there was this balance.
When I was an elementary school student, I would spin to the left 3 times, and to the right 3 times. I would do a barrel roll to the left, and then barrel roll to the right. Everything was suppose to be in balance for the left and to the right.

Even at High School, since I’m right handed on sports and writing, I would train more on my left arm just to make it equally strong like my right arm.

I would even step up the stairs starting with my left foot and end the final step with my right foot.

Now it doesn’t really matter as much which side comes first now that I’m older, but it all had to be in balance back then, but when I broke my right ring finger at age 9, it drove me crazy! Not that it hurts, but that it’s not the same as my left...

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