Download The FREE Tool That My Parents Used to Help Me Reduce My "Meltdowns"



WE PROVIDE TOOLS that enhance the lives of people with autism, and those who love them, through online education, celebration, inspiration, diversity, and inclusion.



Download The FREE Tool That My Parents
Used to Help Me Reduce My "Meltdowns"

It's a 12 page social story that you can immediately download for FREE.


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Meet AutismWorks

We are dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by autism through education, empowerment, and acceptance.

Vision: AutismWorks is a online community that provides information, training, and coaching that improves the lives of those with autism, and those that care for them. It's the largest, most comprehensive autism information site in the world, as it supports a community of millions that are affected by autism, by providing up-to-date information, strategies that work, and practical tested ideas that can be immediately implemented. Our members rely on us for the very best guidance and information available.

Our community is made up of a neurologically and socially diverse group of people that is sharing a common experience. We are all equals working towards a common goal of identifying strategies that make a practical and significant difference in the lives of those affected by autism. We celebrate a wide range of neurodiversity by respecting, cherishing, supporting, and embracing all with.....

What AutismWorks Programs Achieve:

  • Help your child overcome anger
  • Resolve social issues that cause your child to struggle in different settings
  • Understand why your child responds in certain ways and know what you can do to help
  • Get tools to help you easily resolve issues with anger, sadness and other coping mechanisms
  • Assist your child to academically flourish

Resources to Make Autism More Workable

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PROGRAMS                              with Tyler McNamer

A Father's Perspective

Jody McNamer shows how father's are likely to respond to their child with autism, [pain point].  Discover how Jody overcame the adversity of having a child with autism into embracing the unique abilities that his son, Tyler, offers.  He shares his insight on raising a child with autism, that has become an international best-selling author and speaker.

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Autism, Adversity, and the Will to the Succeed

While the spectrum of autism differs, the challenge remains the same.  Learn how a child discovers his unique abilities and learns to work with autism as a unique ability.  This book offers tried and tested techniques that can help you to move toward a solution with your child. 

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