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autism clothing fashion May 09, 2017

It’s the stuff you put on everyday.

Fashion itself interests me a whole lot. Even though I like to keep it basic most of the time with my taste in fashion, I feel that clothing really expresses a person’s personality. Edgy, bold, contemporary, goth, retro, flirty, and many other different kinds of style tastes that are out there in the world; everyone likes to have a preference on who they like to be represented by.

It’s a neat way of understand people, and who they are and where they come from, but for me personally, I like many of these different styles and hope that one day I’ll try them all. I don’t believe the outside is what makes people; and that I know that there are people who are insufferable, but in their hearts, they are full of kindness and generosity. I would grow a goatee when I’m not doing anything special outside the house, and I enjoy growing it. Sometimes certain clothing styles fits a goatee well, but then Dad and Stepmom,...

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