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autism listen music May 09, 2017

What is music? Who invented it? Why is it so important?

Who knows who invented it. I believe we’re all born with it.

Same with humor, everyone’s got their own musical tastes. Still trying to figure out what my main choice is for music genres, but they are all so good. One thing that is a big part of me is music. I go pretty crazy about it, it’s one of my favorite things since chips and dip!
Ever heard the old saying ‘Rock n Roll soothes the soul’? Well, it’s not just rock that does the soothing, but any kind of music does that pretty darn well.

Now, a lot of the times, whether it’s ADHD, autism, or any kind of ability characteristic; music really helps calm down the mind, even when I was very little, music just helps me be in control. Early stages of autism really brings out the odd and the strange in the unique ability. There are ways to keep in check on certain situations where it is not appropriate to scream or put your hands down your pants in public; like music! Trust me, I know; then as the years go on, I don’t feel as embarrassed doing the bizarre, but I do regulate myself. I believe that the more you listen to music for therapy reasons, the more you become interested in the same genre, and then later on branch off and discover other great treasures; even though branching off and change can be hard for anyone that has autism, sure I had a tough time, but unlike the other things that has changed, music easily got me branching. Not just the radio, but other tracks that are considered underappreciated.

  • Shen Yi - War Dance
  • Southpaw Swagger - It's Showtime
  • Down To Nothing - Siddhartha Menon
  • Become What You Hate - Midtown
  • Juliet Dagger - Flinch

Whenever I talk about these underrated songs, people would look at me weird. Feeling like I’m the only one that understands these and many more that aren’t really heard on the radio.
I have been quite surprised that music, like clothing, really defines on who we are; and I have been hearing a LOT of music lately. Do these songs define me? Maybe, but I sure do like to encourage different songs being shared with the world.

Say! This gives me a great idea! If anyone enjoys any kind of song that may be considered underappreciated and they think that they’re the only ones in the world that likes them, then they can share their songs with me and tell a little story about why they like the songs! After all, I am a big time music listener!

Feel free to listen to some music while you do your favorite activity. Autism and music go very well together.

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