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Autism and Community Support

community support Mar 31, 2019

Support from the people you love is so important. With a child that has autism, community support can be an enormous positive in his life. From activities in the community, events, and even social gathering at a local restaurant or church can be very uplifting. Community support brings awareness to the unique ability of autism, as well as every unique ability of so many individuals! Here are some ways that support can be given to those with autism.


Family is a child with autism’s first support system. When a child in the very younger years is diagnosed as being on the spectrum, the family can help by educating themselves on this disorder. Once they know more about autism and how they can help, family may want to provide different means of support, such as babysitting so the parents can go out for a bit, recommending people they know that may be able to help even more, providing educational toys and cool things the child is obsessed with, and more! I remember for a...

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