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I love naming things! One of the many things Tyler McNamer enjoys doing. Why is this little task so interesting and fascinating?

For fun, whenever I have a stuffed animal or a stature figure or a transportation vehicle like a bicycle; I would want to be attached to them even more by giving them names.

Here are some examples and reasons why I gave them their names

  • Red Bike: "F2" (Function 2 stickers on my bike)
  • Snowboard: "Earth Spinner" (When I look down at my board, the world looks like it's spinning fast)
  • Fit Meter: "Tiny Trainer" (The Fit Meter may be for calculating steps and calories being burned along with how high I have climbed, but the Fit Meter is like my little buddy gadget)
  • Callie & Marie: "Little C & Big M" (Two figurines based on the hit video game, Splatoon by Nintendo. The reason why I named them Little C & Big M only on the figures is because of my last name. McNamer Big M... Little C)
  • Pen: "Wilbur" (Named after Wilbur Wright of the Wright...
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