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autism humor try May 08, 2017

Everyone has their own taste in humor. Humor is everywhere! Anything that can make a person laugh!

Have you noticed that a lot of comedians when they’re not trying to be funny, they tend to be shy? Not all the time, but on their personal lives, they are almost completely different people.
People who have autism can enjoy the same kind of humor a lot of us enjoy too. Why am I saying this? Because since I was a grade schooler, I’ve always wanted to watch a fun animated movie with my schoolmates, but never got the decency to ask. Now that I’m 22, I can enjoy many comedy movies with others!

Often times, the humor can be taken for entirely different reasons, a different way of looking at certain context; for example; slapstick. Many people don’t find pies being thrown at someone’s faces is all that funny, but when I see someone rolling on the floor laughing at an old 3 Stooges video and often times catching myself rolling, it is all such a joy to experience!
Many people like certain kinds of humor. Slapstick, dark, ironic, and deadpan are just a few examples of these types of humor; for me, I like to explore a bit and see what other forms of humor there is out there. We can all be like that too when it comes to being open; it’s not that you have to laugh at everything that is being brought up, it’s the whole idea of figuring out why the content is funny, and if you figured it out and doesn’t float your yacht, then congratulations; you learned something about yourself!

When I go up and give my public speaking engagements, I try not to be humorous in my speech, I just say what comes to mind and heart. My mom and dad always say that you do not have to impress anyone, because you’re already perfect and flawless just for being yourself.
I love the idea of people not just buying the product, but they’re buying you; and we are all being bought all over the place by our family, friends, and sometimes, fans!

As Lucille Ball said, “I don't know how to tell a joke. I never tell jokes. I can tell stories that happened to me... anecdotes. But never a joke.” We can all be like her. Never try… not the message here, just the fact that she was funny without even trying. A natural talent we all have. It’s the same as writing, drawing, cooking, swimming, hunting, and any other kind of talent; you’re just born with the ability to make people in front of people telling their stories they think is funny, and many people can relate!. laugh. Now, we cannot all be comedians, it just takes someone to be very brave to stand up.

With different perspectives on how people with autism see the world, we’d all be surprised on what can be considered humorous.


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