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Perseverance & Courage

courage perseverance Mar 27, 2019

To keep going even though they know it is going to be difficult.

I have a much better definition for perseverance.

Perseverance means doing something despite the difficulties.

Perseverance to me is a skill you're born with. Reason why I said that is because whenever I do something people see as someone with lots of perseverance, I never really see my actions that way when it comes to perseverance. I was a little kid, I've done many things despite the difficulties. Part of it involves school, part of it involves home, another part of it involves being outside of both school and home. You can believe me when I say that I have had a very large share of incredibly embarrassing moments, yet I continue to make even more mistakes.


Because I was determined to find the many examples of good behavior. Wouldn't know what behavior I would do that would be considered good unless if I'd tried it. Of course, I have had help with family and teachers, but a lot of the times I would figure it...

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