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autism clothing fashion May 09, 2017

It’s the stuff you put on everyday.

Fashion itself interests me a whole lot. Even though I like to keep it basic most of the time with my taste in fashion, I feel that clothing really expresses a person’s personality. Edgy, bold, contemporary, goth, retro, flirty, and many other different kinds of style tastes that are out there in the world; everyone likes to have a preference on who they like to be represented by.

It’s a neat way of understand people, and who they are and where they come from, but for me personally, I like many of these different styles and hope that one day I’ll try them all. I don’t believe the outside is what makes people; and that I know that there are people who are insufferable, but in their hearts, they are full of kindness and generosity. I would grow a goatee when I’m not doing anything special outside the house, and I enjoy growing it. Sometimes certain clothing styles fits a goatee well, but then Dad and Stepmom, Carmen would call me a total ‘hipster’. Never seen a hipster with a goatee, just a full grown beard and otherwise, but whatever. I always shave it off when doing something special, and I always dress up presentable when doing my job as a public speaker. It’s all good here, I like to have the idea of thinking what these other public speakers, stand up comedians, and all these other people would wear when they’re not performing.

Basic is my main style because I like being a bit cheap, but I like the idea of being a bit of everything. Doesn’t change who I am, just like to be expressive at times; a lot of artists, writers, and other creative people like to be a bit eccentric, and when you put autism in the expressive part of the person, it’s all quite interesting. Of course, as long as it is not hurting anyone; the intentions are still good for the world.

What’s your preferred taste? Is there any style that looks very attractive to you? Clothing is all about covering yourself, at the same time, it’s how you cover yourself with style.


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