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Questions About Autism Answers That Work

"Help Me" was first thing my son ever wrote.  He was six years old, not able to speak. I was devastated, helpless and heartbroken.  It was another six years before he could begin to tell me how I could help him.

If I would have known then, what I know now, I would have been able to give him what he needed, when he needed it. That's what this program provides... understanding of what it's truly like to have autism spectrum disorder. 

Answers to the questions that scare us like how our child will gain acceptance and independence in the world.  Depression, anger, “meltdowns”, bullying, people taking advantage of our kids, school, puberty, transitioning 
into adulthood, fixations, confidence, happiness, stims, speech delay, “checking out”, and so many more. 

Answers to these questions gives you confidence and hope, as well as a calm feeling that things will be OK.  It helps you accept your child for who they are.  For me it was the day I truly become a parent to my son.

We want our kids to be happy, know that they are loved, and one day live independently.  We want them to know they’re not alone.  This program gives them confidence, hope, and the ability to open up to you about the challenges they face every day.

When you feel like you can’t go on because child is screaming, head bunting, eating staples, running out of the classroom, pulling their hair, or “melting down”, please remember to Never, Never, Never give up! 

My son asked me to “Help” him. He now gets the possibility of helping you and your child with autism

IEP Success System

When my son entered school I had no idea how important his Individualized Education Plan would be. His IEP is one of the top three reasons my son is an international best selling author and speaker on the topic of autism spectrum disorder.

I had no idea what an IEP was, I was intimidated by the teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, councilors, and others, as I thought they knew way more about what was needed for my child than I did. They were well intentioned but Tyler was not getting the services he needed to make meaningful progress.  Through years of trial and error I learned how to create a team of people, paid for by the district, that were able to deliver the support he needed.

In this program we take you step-by-step through the process of creating a IEP that is specifically customized to the needs of your child. It also provides the coaching you need to create your own team of providers, paid for by your district, that are 100% focused on helping your child progress to a happy independent life.

We share Tyler's IEP's for each grade, Kindergarten through the last year of his Adult Living Program. These are the same IEP's he used to progress from being a non-verbal six year old to speaking in sentences at 12, now speaking in front of thousands of people each year.

Customizing your child's IEP is one of the very best investments you'll make for your child's future. It will save you thousands of dollars, ad your school district will pay for the majority of services your child needs to succeed.

Start creating the framework for your child's success today.


Autism, Adversity, and the Will to the Succeed

While the spectrum of autism differs, the challenge remains the same.  Learn how a child discovers his unique abilities and learns to work with autism as a unique ability.  This book offers tried and tested techniques that can help you to move toward a solution with your child. 

Discover Extraordinary Abilities

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