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What is eccentric?

It’s a word I have recently discovered and became a really fascinating word to me that I had to learn more about!

Eccentric is defined as being unconventional and slightly strange. Looking way back, I have been exposed to this kind of eccentric content. Here are a few examples of eccentric performers.

Tape Face - Also known as The Boy With Tape On His Face or Sam Wills. You may recognize him from NBC’s America’s Got Talent as a spiky haired weirdo with black tape over his mouth. Sounds like me minus the tape part. He also has black eyeshadow in order for his eyes to stand out; since he’s got tape over his mouth, he speaks volumes with his eyes, that’s how he talks in a way along with body language. For those who don’t know Tape Face, he’s a prop comic busker who can be a bit of a mime at times, using the most simplest things in the world such as oven mitts or just a pair of sunglasses. Indeed, very strange, but...

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