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Thoughts about the title "Population: ONE"

There are a lot of thoughts about anything really. But there is one reason why things happen. People like them, or they don’t. I personally like to spread out on why I chose the title Population: One.

  • Abandoned place that only lives on one person, it keeps the place alive.
    His/her world, no one else can change it.
  • Forever stands in his/her home with a dramatic feeling of isolation and depression.
  • There is only ONE planet in the universe that has life.
There are probably more possibilities of why it’s called Population One.
As a matter of fact, to me a few people would think of Population: One as a lonely thing, and I totally get that. I think it’s cool that people can catch that as a lonely thing. But then again when there is a population of one, it could be as surprising and more powerful then people can imagine.

In the book, you will soon see a theory of people all around having their own worlds, and how they are always a population of one for themselves. Until that person is invited over to another person’s house for a party, then it would be known as population 57. Wow! Big party. Sounds like my kinda gig. Haha! (Just kidding) But when it comes to worlds, everyone is the same knowing that they all have populations of one.

Even though the number one comes after zero, it is never a lonely number. It can become a great deal to individuals who know how to use it. That is why above all, our capacity for greatness, we live in one universe with a population of one living planet. Earth.

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