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Looks on the Outside

appearance autism looks Apr 26, 2017

I have been observing people’s looks throughout the years. All over school, in the city, on T.V., and a lot of other places in the world.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I see something different then other people. Of course, every face is different, but I’ve noticed that I have a rounder head, bigger smile, red lips, and pale skin.

Later on, I had a thought that says that people who have autism look very different face-wise and it bothered me for a while. I then figured out that even people have less confidence about themselves as well, so that makes me no different from everyone else. As I was writing my book, I had this theory that I can’t slow down to looks, there needs to be confidence about the looks on the outside. I think that people should feel good about themselves and not have the looks slow them down. Of course, it’s always great to take care of the outside like brushing teeth, washing, bathing, and eating. Because even having good...

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The Bond Between Water and Autism

autism swim swimming water Apr 25, 2017

This is all just a theory of mine. It is not confirmed.

I’ve been noticing lately that there have been a relationship with the water and with people who have autism.

I can understand that whole thing because I remembered the time that I enjoyed the water when I was 3 months old. I love swimming myself, it’s always fun going into the water and feel free.

That is basically why people who have autism would feel when being in the water, they feel free. Of course, no one has to agree with me, but that’s my intent on it when it comes to the water. I would swim for hours and hours at the pool mostly just underwater. At a young age, I learned how to deflate my “airbags” in my lungs to make me sink down on the deep end of the pool and just sit there for a while. Then I would rocket myself up.

The thing about water and swimming is that no one can just walk in order to move, they can just move all over as if people are flying. That’s why penguins are still...

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What is eccentric?

It’s a word I have recently discovered and became a really fascinating word to me that I had to learn more about!

Eccentric is defined as being unconventional and slightly strange. Looking way back, I have been exposed to this kind of eccentric content. Here are a few examples of eccentric performers.

Tape Face - Also known as The Boy With Tape On His Face or Sam Wills. You may recognize him from NBC’s America’s Got Talent as a spiky haired weirdo with black tape over his mouth. Sounds like me minus the tape part. He also has black eyeshadow in order for his eyes to stand out; since he’s got tape over his mouth, he speaks volumes with his eyes, that’s how he talks in a way along with body language. For those who don’t know Tape Face, he’s a prop comic busker who can be a bit of a mime at times, using the most simplest things in the world such as oven mitts or just a pair of sunglasses. Indeed, very strange, but...

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autism bully bullying Mar 29, 2017

Who wants some of that action? I didn’t think so. No one deserves to be treated terribly during school and beyond. One sad fact is that autism is one of the main targets for bullies.

Why is that? I might have a theory or two about that. First, I’ll talk a little about what bullying is generally about.

Basically, what bullying is about is someone that provides harm to another person physically and emotionally. This can be done offline and offline; it is all not uncommon. As I mentioned in the book that even adults can be bullies too; always believed that since school since it was common that I have been a target for bullies of any kind.

Especially (Unnamed). Oh that (Unnamed), that was the worst! It was way back in the day, I’d say when I was nine; I know (Unnamed) today has gotten way better afterwards, but my experience was not so great. It’s not the part where I was emotionally and physically punished for playing around in the sandbox by mean giant...

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Large Groups Versus Small Groups

When it comes to large groups such as being in front of hundreds and hundreds of people, how would you feel? Excited? Embarrassed? Nervous? There are a whole lot of emotions that go on when it comes to being in front of a large audience.

Then there are the smaller groups such as being with friends and family. Obviously, friends and family give you comfort, and small groups are generally alright; but sometimes small groups can be very nerve racking to people who prefer to be with very large groups. Take for example some comedians. They are great at providing laughs and good quality entertainment, but often times they can be shy people when they are off the stage. Even I get shy with small groups but comfortable with large groups.

Why is that? A common characteristic for people who have autism tend to be extremely shy and want to isolate themselves, and I am in the spectrum. The way I see it is that often times it’s challenging to give direct eye contact with others. I’m...

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What Makes a Person with Autism Successful?

autism family mothers success Mar 04, 2017

I have a theory for that... family and teacher support.

It was a bit before the start of preschool. I was with my mother the most time so naturally, I never wanted to go to school because then I would be separated by my dear mommy. She gives me the most comfort when the world seems too scary for me, and going to school was tough; the thing about having autism is that change is extremely hard. Say you hang up your coat or backpack on the same hook, when that hook is being used by someone else, it can be a bit upsetting; that’s how change can be difficult at times, especially when you’re young.

After two weeks of settling in preschool, I found myself clinging onto the teachers more often than the kids. The kids thought I was weird and bizarre; often times I would hide in small places isolating myself. It was then a bunch of kids told me that I was extremely good at playing Hide, Go, and Seek. I didn’t know what the game was about, so they showed me how to play; and...

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Welcome to AutismWorks!

Hello there! Welcome to AutismWorks! My name is Tyler McNamer. As we get things set up for the brand new website, I would like to keep you updated on all the neat things that will soon be added onto the site; and you have gotten the chance to be up on the front seat and take a glimpse at the idea of what it is like to have autism.

To start off, I would like to take the moment to define what autism is generally about. Autism is commonly characterised by having the difficulties in communicating with other people. These difficulties include speaking, having eye contact, developing conversations and keeping them, self control, and listening. Autism presents itself in many different ways.  People who are on the lower functioning part of the spectrum cannot take care of themselves; the simple things such as eating, putting on clothes, speaking, and moving are extremely challenging for them. People who are in the higher functioning portion of the spectrum, can do most things...

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