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Understand the Needs of Your Child

Understand the Needs of Your Child with Autism

Learning how to understand the needs of your child with autism is essential for their future success.

A child with autism builds up a tremendous amount of frustration because they are not understood. This frustration is intensified if they are not able to communicate verbally. Alternate methods of communication must be established to reduce or eliminate frustration in your child with autism.

Learning how to interpret patterns of eye movement, gestures, noises, and other physical and auditory cues allows you to begin understanding nonverbal communication. Each child with autism is different, intuition is your best resource.

Spend time looking for the underlying non-verbal communication. Realize that your child with autism is doing his/her very best to communicate with you.


Tyler's Notes:

The way things worked at the house was that my parents wouldn't know what I needed. The solution to that was that they tried everything they could until they have found what I needed. I suppose my family can be quite experimental in figuring things out, and it worked! Oftentimes we take the necessary risks in figuring out what I needed that was for the benefits. One thing was sure, it was that we would not turn down on a challenge, and they want me to be challenged in many things that may challenge the senses; Many times we succeed, other times we fail and get back to it at a later time. That was one of the major things that I needed.

A challenge.

And ever since then, I tap "challenge"on the shoulder and say: "I'm ready!"

But the first things always came first in understanding the needs like taking care of ourselves. I know one major thing that I needed to understand was the appropriates and the inappropriateness; Sort of came first so I can fully process the world before doing other things that provided a sense of challenge.

How did my parents know what I needed. By me unintentionally giving clues and hints to them as to what I needed; Like a certain snack, requesting a break, or showing interests in what was in an encyclopedia. Was incredibly interested in classic music despite not hearing full albums of them at the time, and a pretty sweet gift was a CD full of all kinds of good classics in classical music. Okay, more of a want, but there were still those kinds of hints that my parents pointed out that applied to the needs.


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