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Understanding Someone Without Autism

I do not know what it is like to not have autism, so that is why I would take mental notes into understanding how it all works. Sort of has been a thing I have been doing for a very long time since I was a small child.

Something that has come to mind for a very long time. I would take my time to look at someone. Look at the way they move their body, the way they speak, even the way they think on whatever. This kind of observation started off when parents encouraged me to imitate others at school. Imitate such as sitting on the chair by the desk, how to play soccer during recess time, and raise their hands until they're called on so they can speak.

I knew I was different when I was in kindergarten. Have different emotions, be sad over things that shouldn't really be sad about, not being flexible with whatever goes on, and have had a curious fascination with the color red. And once I fully understood what the heck I was doing that seemed different, I just stopped and looked around with the help of teachers. Everyone's doing something, I might as well do the same when appropriate. Not copying others, but to learn from example.

When I was a young teen, I would feel like I needed to change in order to be like everyone else, but instead, it ended up destroying me. And I needed to repair the damage and learn from the mistakes. Felt like I needed to fix myself in order to be like everyone else, I instead needed to keep it all cool and not try so hard to find acceptance but to just be myself and others will come on over.

Accepting the fact that I have autism, it didn't stop me to learn more about others that do not have it. Would go into public places like supermarkets, arcades, restaurants, sporting events, and so much more during my free time. It is not just the event that goes on in the area, but also the people that are a part of it. What do they say? What do they do? What do they feel when they do this or whatever happens in the thing that is being done? Many questions pop into my head. But in a casual way where I'm just minding my own business. Literally too. When there's a fight, I look, but keep on walking not getting involved with it. Already came up with the conclusion that the two men do not like each other at the moment because something might have happened between them. Not my business to know why, things just happen.

Studying people without autism. More of a mental note to me. I don't really write down much on what has been observed, because people without autism are all over the place and I already have learned so much. But the results still remain. Autism or otherwise, everyone is quite different and unique; making the world a very colorful place.


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