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Social Story Character: Mebel

Name: Mabel

5 Favorite Hobbies:

  1. Drawing portraits
  2. Picnics out on the field or by the beach
  3. Riding her bicycle
  4. Baking and cooking
  5. Jump roping

5 Favorite Things:

  1. Movies
  2. Her two rabbits (Beatrix & Carl)
  3. Cartoon shows
  4. Baked sweets (peanut butter cookies are her favorite)
  5. Marine Biology

5 Strengths:

  1. Her portraits are a joy to look at! She draws in a quality cartoonish kind of way
  2. Shows an interest in learning a variety of subjects
  3. Patient with her friends
  4. Comfortable in social situations
  5. Smart and isn’t afraid to share common sense with others that don’t have it all down entirely  

5 Weaknesses:

  1. Hard to understand people at times. Relates more to fictional characters.
  2. Gets very sad and lonely sometimes
  3. Distracted
  4. Feels that she’s not good enough and needs to try harder in her talents
  5. Socially insecure


  • Single Father
  • Mabel’s dad works as an online teacher
  • Mother’s deceased

Bio: Mabel is the only one that does not have autism. Her mother died of cancer and her dad is raising her as a single father, and he is a teacher. Mabel developed a curiosity for virtually everything, especially in people. Even though she doesn’t have autism, she too can get a bit lonely in the world with nothing but her head in the clouds of imagination. Her dad encourages Mabel to make some new friends, but she procrastinates for a long time because she worries about her dad and thinks he would get lonely if she was busy with her friends and not spending all her time with him. She’s still has a lot to learn about the differences between children and adults, but in due time Mabel does make some new friends.  Even though her friends have autism, she finds herself relating to the four. They all help each other when it comes to being social and Mabel does not see them as ‘autistic’, she sees them as her best friends and they love being together and having fun!


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