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School Help

Working with Your School to Help your Child with Autism

Your child with autism can be rapidly integrated into a mainstream classroom by working with your school to help your child with autism. You can do this by making sure you have an IEP in place. An Individualized Education Plan documents what services your child will receive when in school.

These services can include para educator support, occupational therapy, speech therapy, modified work plans, communication devices, and many other types of therapies and support systems. Your child will spend many hours at school.

Developing a good relationship with your school district is essential for the long term success of your child with autism.


Tyler's Notes:

First transition from the house. School! I have had so many great stories relating to school; It was one of the best things that has happened to me. The environment, the teachers, even the kids; Lots of times, I would feel very excited to go to school. There were the challenges that I needed some extra help on, but I do tend to think of the good stuff that happened in school; Those were the times where I felt like I needed to share in the book and in the second book.

School help was a must, but most of the time, it didn't feel like help; Instead, it all felt like a game! I was in a way having fun with my teachers while learning something at the same time. Didn't know much as to why I need certain help, but it was a must according to both the teachers and my parents. Worth it! They had a really unique way of making school fun. Doesn't mention much as to why I needed help, things just sort of happened. The kids didn't mind it much when I needed that help the most. Most of them were very understanding; Still thought I was worth the time, and it sure made me feel like I belonged in school all for the right reasons.


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