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I read before I talked.

 Wasn't the best at showing that I was listening or even looking like I was paying any more attention to whatever, in reality, I observed and absorbed everything. That included books.

Many have come to me wondering how I could read even though I could not speak. Answer for that is I knew what the words were, I knew how they sound, I knew what they meant; But I could not speak the words.

There were electronics such as computers and video games nearby, but I grew up reading books. I could read them by myself silently or I would have Mom read me some books to me before going to bed. Those nights were special. I understood what I was reading with my mom; When I had the ability to speak, we would take turns reading out loud each night.

I still read today. Most of the time I would read out loud much more clearly than I would do when it comes to talking freely. Back in middle school I would use a notebook to write down what I should be saying to someone trying to do conversation like whenever someone says "hi" to me, what would I say back? Those kinds of things. In a way, I have been writing my own script for a screenplay, whatever that may be; It was helpful in a way able to read and remember my "script" during school. Then during high school it became all improve to me.

My first book was a way to get all of whatever was in my head during school. Reading and reflecting what was written was a way to stay in good spirits and having the hopes that the students would read and understand.

I've always been a supporter for books and literature. Reading is important for everyone. Oftentimes I would compare books to video games. They both are enjoyable when the reader and the player use their imagination and choose to continue on with the experience. Had the idea of a book reader and a video game becoming the very best of friends.

Before I talked, I read books.

Give reading a good go, children. Parents, feel free to give reading a try. They might enjoy being read to and you may learn something about the kids. They can bring in some surprising qualities such as paying really good attention to detail, paying attention to what is being said, and wanting to expand the imagination.


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