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End School Crises

In my final days of high school, I have discovered the processes I call the End School Crises.

For those who don’t know what the End School Crises (ESC) is, let my tell you what it’s about.

I have been in school for a really really long time. About 15 years I’d say including preschool twice and kindergarten. Throughout those years I was so used to the whole routine of getting up in the morning and going to school. I see familiar faces all around teachers, students, para-pros, and other staff members in the schools. I had the ESC in Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle school. But in High School, it’s big… very big.

Signs of ESC include:

  • Doing unexpected things
  • Acting crazy
  • Making a fool out of yourself
  • Adrenalin Rush
  • Strong sensible emotions such as sad, or mad
  • Do as much things as fast as possible
  • Get in trouble usually
  • Feeling lost
  • Strong fear of leaving school

These are certain signs of ESC. It’s easy to remember the acronym by the far left side of your keyboard, or if using a phone… I can’t help you there.

I have been acting crazy and odd during my last days of high school. Lots of emotions started rushing into my veins when hearing about graduation. I never want to graduate because it was so new and I wouldn’t see familiar faces of my peers, the students. It’s hard looking back, and I still miss elementary school for the amazing charm and character. So used to school that I feel like I don’t know what to do. I do know that I have to work on my book selling gig and all that stuff, but still had that lost feeling and want to do everything I can before I leave and do nothing but video games. But I do know that I have a book to sell copies of.

Hard stuff for me, and I even mentioned the ESC in my book. But I didn’t call it End School Crises, I just came up with it now shortly after I discovered it.


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