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You are probably reading this on a computer.

I love the machine! About time I said it after twenty years. Try not to let it dominate me even though I may have let it control me after a twelve hour marathon of a favorite computer game of mine. Red eyes and a grande coconut cappuccino the next day.

Though it is true, I can be on the computer for days; For instance, I tend to enjoy producing videos on my personal channel that are not work related and spent the whole month doing masking work for a video project; But that’s not important. What is important is understanding why computers work. Here are my personal reasons.


  • Fidget for the eyes
  • Mentally challenging
  • No physical challenge
  • Colors on the screen
  • Certain sounds are heard that can be fidgets to the ears
  • A “recharge station”
  • A creative outlook
  • Typing on the keyboard is like a fidget


I learned how to type at a very early age. We used to play computer games that made typing fun. Practiced hard to go up to sixty words per minute. I’m extremely competitive, and getting up to the sixty words was a grand accomplishment to me! I work better when there’s a challenge being given, that’s just me personally. Anyone out there that loves a good challenge? Give the computer a good go. You can do so many things with those machines.

A creative outlook; Occasionally I would fiddle around doing some video stuff. Sometimes to share something that needs to be seen or something more challenging like edit videos a certain way. I never want to be internet famous when it comes to the online video stuff, it is a hobby. Not just a hobby, but doing videos is more for therapy for me. Feels calming when I work on something on the computer that I enjoy doing. Whether it is creative or otherwise; Art is a question mark after all.

The cave, the bathtub, my room; the computer too can be like a recharge station. So much stimulus it is nice to go back to the computer that is in my room and do whatever it was that I was doing.

Since I was little, I have noticed a whole lot of specific noises coming from the computer. The actual machine, not what comes from the speakers. The fan and the CD spinning for example. For whatever reason, I find it very calming. You can’t replicate these sounds from the speakers, got to hear it from the machines themselves. I am listening to it now. Even if it is not coming from Windows 98. Other than the machine themselves, I distinctly remember the times the old computer starts up and makes that sound. Makes me think that the computer had its way of saying: “Hello!”

Colors. I am always into colors of any kind. That’s why I have a couple of webinars about them. In any computer, all the colors can be seen in full high definition display! Fidgets for the eyes; pleasing to the eyes.

Finally, no physical challenge, all mental. Guess the only thing physical is the typing on the keyboard, but all of it is just mental. If I needed a physical challenge, I’d compete in track. To this day, I still want to be mentally challenged. Sometimes next to editing, I’m trying to figure out computer animation. Just a side gig, I don’t want any funds from what I do in my spare time. It’s the thrill of the challenge that motivates me. I believe everyone should be challenged with something. Gives good strength and encouragement. The one challenge I’m trying to overcome is the thought of a good decent story before making characters come to life. Never thought writing could be so hard, and I’m the author of the ONE duology. Population: ONE and Becoming ONE. But, these mental challenges are what they are. Challenging. That’s what makes them a lot of fun

Get to know your computer. Give it a name. Take it from me, I named my current one Smaug.


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