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Building Your Child's Confidence

Learn how to deal with Autism and build your child's confidence.

Learning how to help your child with autism build confidence is a necessary skill that will help them achieve success as they manage their life with autism.

Persons affected by autism have a high likelihood of lacking self confidence. Protecting their confidence at all cost is essential. Confidence can erode as your child starts to understand expected and unexpected behavior, and they become more self conscious as they get older.

Lack of self confidence can also lead to depression in someone that has autism. This video talks about how to protect and maintain self confidence.


Tyler's Notes:

There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Used to get those two confused and that made me look like a very bad person. Mom taught me about being humble; I do want to keep my confidence, but never would want to go down towards over confidence. One thing I have learned about humbleness is from many superheroes in comic books. They know they're beyond the average man or woman with their abilities to do the impossible, but they would never brag about it or talk about it much. Just a part of what they do that makes people look up to them.

Confidence to me is the result of mixing in courage and strength. You'll know when you feel confident, and I see no harm in telling yourself: "This day is mine! Tomorrow is mine!" along with other comments; They feel good and can give confidence a good boost!

Know what another strategy can work in building confidence? Standing up tall and placing your hands on your hips. The secret is good posture and with the optional addition of looking up instead of just straight. I would still do that when I'm by myself when I'm feeling motivated and inspired, because those two are also the result of confidence. Motivation and inspiration. Then have the confidence of just doing it! Whatever it may be.


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