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Boring Entertainment: How It Can Help

Watching paint dry.

It is a very common activity to think about when a boring activity comes to thought. Who'd want to sit there and watch paint dry?


Probably not today, but as a toddler, I would totally be into something like that.


Not just about the paint drying that is the topic. Other subjects that fit the boring category.

  • Boring movies.
  • Boring games.
  • Boring video games.
  • Boring cartoons.
  • Boring colors.
  • Boring music.

Examples of many boring things in the topic. This all can do some incredibly good things in the topic of autism, and I will share with you why that is.

The entire world excites me! Full of action packed adventures all over the place. I would not be going on buses and letting them take me to somewhere new if I did not start with the boring. Here is how I see it.

  • Before you go over ninety on the open highway, you must first spend the first months admiring the tires.
  • Before taking the exciting chances at poker, you must first familiarize with the colors, patterns, and numbers including aces, jacks, queens, and kings in the decks of cards.
  • Before the wall in the room can be decorated in colorful stripes, start off with the solid color of white with no decorations; nothing interesting or standoffish, all plain and basic.
  • Before enjoying heavy metal, I recommend classical music first and then work your way up to heavy metal.
  • Before playing basketball and going to games, stare at the ball, hold the ball, then work your way up to getting up and dribbling; Your choice when to take the shot and make a swish into the hoop.

Do you see a little bit of a pattern? I didn't mention specific video games and movies because that would not be so fair. So, I'll just say it is good to appreciate the boring source of media entertainment and then become much more appreciated when the more exciting and much more properly executed forms of media entertainment are exposed to the soon to be entertained. Everyone has a different taste in entertainment; Never my job to say what to and what not to enjoy, but I do believe that what may be considered as boring can provide a large benefit in taking the first step into what it is like to have fun with the many enjoyable activities in the exciting world.

 The world excites me! Perhaps I take in a little too much excitement and maybe should slow down. The more exciting high energized action-packed experiences, the bigger the challenge, but a little too much, and it will make a person go completely off track! Learned it the hard way when I began to black out (hate to admit it and say it, but meltdown) and got no work done and running around the city completely lost. Back to home and it was the time to stay home and in the island. No big adventures for now; Back to boring again, and to my surprise, it feels very nice to be lazy. Feels nice to hardly do anything other than work and personal video projects during my free time on the computer. The videos may or may not be so boring, but the process does take some time.

An example like this goes to show that there is another source of having a balance.

  • A time to go fast.
  • A time to go slow.
  • Too much excitement and it will make someone go off the walls and end up hurting themselves.
  • Too much dullness and the results explain itself; A boring unappealing series of days going by.

This is not a sprint in entertainment; It is a marathon. Many people with autism would not want to spread out and discover new and exciting things the world provides; It is not my job to tell children with autism what to do and what not to do, it is all an encouragement on what can be potentially amazing! The new fixation! I know from personal experience, that there are so many children with autism that would love to find ways to be more exciting and experience the exciting. To expand and grow as individuals with autism.

Remember, kids! Every video game has their levels, even for the players. Before making it to level three, you always start at level one. Before making your way to the excite, I recommend starting out with the boring. Level up when you feel ready, and everyone reaches their in their own paces. Teachers and parents, what may be considered as boring can become extremely beneficial in the growing developmental process in the topic of autism. Feel free to start with something as basic as putting together an easy puzzle or passing a ball back and forth; With each tiny step of progress can be the result of developmental growth, and that is my hope to everyone who has autism. Every individual with autism have a story to tell; To me, that is always exciting to open the book and read word for word.

There are no guilty pleasures here, be free to watch the paint dry. It is the start of soon to be wonderful progress for the future! Then when that paint dries, you may want to add in some extra colors into the car that is being painted; Perhaps add flames on it! Appreciate the detail being put into the car where the paint dries. From black, to red, to areas where the flames start to appear! Making the object less basic and more intense! Then, when you are ready, you can no longer watch the now dried paint, open the car's door, and take it for a joyride in the night.


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