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Individualized Educational Plan Success System

The IEP Success System is normally priced at $497.  This offer at $197 is limited, and the price will increase !

This 11 module system gives you the tools to create a highly optimized and individuated IEP plan for your child.  You will gain access to therapies and accommodations that were not previously available.  The information will transform the relationship you have with your school district.  You will be empowered with the information that you need to drive your child's IEP meetings, and become a highly educated advocate for them.  You develop a high level of confidence in yourself as you are equipped with strategy, tools, and resources that allow you to navigate even the most difficult situations. 

Also included are the actual IEP's for International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Thought Leader on Autism.  You get to see first hand what was on his IEP's that allowed him to progress from being a non-verbal 6 year old, being able to speak in sentences at 12, now speaking to thousands of people each year.  You will have access to his IEP plan beginning in developmental pre-school through his third year in an adult living program.

Included with your purchase are Several BONUS PROGRAMS:

BONUS #1 - $297 Value

"A Fathers Perspective" Program

Jody McNamer, the father of Tyler shares his insight on raising a child with autism that has become an international best selling author and speaker.  Over two hours of instruction, presented in 27 videos.  You will learn some key strategies that were used to help Tyler to develop speech, reduce "meltdowns" and increase social skills.

BONUS #2 - $47 Value

Social Stories for Life

Each month a new social story is released.  These social stories can be used to teach your child how to create "wins" for themselves by engaging in expected behavior -vs- unexpected behavior.  You'll initially get nine printable social stories: Anger Management, Zones of Regulation, Private Space, How to Ask for a Turn, Making Eye-Contact, Turn Taking, Managing Sadness with many more to come.

BONUS #3 - $197 Value


Tyler McNamer, an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Thought Leader on Autism gives you access to the recordings of his speaking engagements across the country.  

What People Are Saying:

“Thank You for creating this program. My child has Autism and is highly functional. The public school failed him in First grade. He refused to do work. He could do it but refused. I worked with the school to create an IEP that now has him in a class that has only 6 kids. They feed him his breakfast, then he has PE outside for an hour. His teacher then starts the day of academics. He now loves his teacher and school. WHAT a change! Small class and a teacher who understands autism has been key. My hope is that my son will be able to take care of himself in society.”


“Your willingness to share your experiences are life changing to me. As a parent of a child with severe autism and an inclusion teacher, learning from you is better that any college class I have ever taken!!”


“When I first saw your program I was totally thrilled. Initially I was shocked but at some point realized that your and my experiences are very similar. I realize that the spectrum is infinite, with each person being unique, but I see Tyler and my son's IEP crossing at several points. That is the point where things started to fall into place for me. That was the point where clearer understanding arrived and excitement set in and all I could say was thank God for this program.”