See the world through the eyes of someone who has autism.

From: Tyler McNamer
RE: My Book Population ONE: Autism, Adversity and the Will to Succeed

Thanks for taking a minute to learn about my book.  I wrote my book to help people understand what it's like to have autism.  Individuals with autism have a tremendous gift to give. I'm 19 and I've been blessed to have autism my entire life... I actually call it awesome'ism.  

I was diagnosed with autism at age 2. I communicated with a series of frustrated noises and physically "acting out". I started forming words at age 6; I was not able to speak in full sentences until I was 12.  

I've been called a retard, dumb, and disabled. I've been bullied, picked on, and made fun of. They put me in "special" classes, and told me that I should not expect to reach my goals. I could not understand why people were so cruel simply because I was different. I process information and see the world differently.  

I've chosen to accept my label of autism, not as a disability, but as an extraordinary ability.  

I wrote my book, so that those without autism could understand how my autistic mind works. I would like to give you a front row seat to my life, mind, and my special way of looking at the world.  I'm in a unique position to help others understand what it's like to have autism. I know what it's like to be trapped inside myself.  

Over the years, and with a lot of help from my teachers, I now have the ability to speak. It's now my responsibility to share my insights with others. Hopefully my experience will help others affected by autism, to find their voice as well.  

I am on a mission to help people understand Autism. I am on a mission to overcome the label that many with autism have suffered with for years.  

I hope that my writing, and the 50 chapters in my book will help people better understand those with autism; I would like to help them to have a better life.  

I stand for those who do not have a literal voice. I know what it's like to not be able to speak. If you would like to understand autism, from someone that has it please buy my book. Join me on my mission to help all people co‚Äźexist together as a Population of One.  

Talk soon,  

P.S. You can get an autographed copy of my book by clicking here.
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Stop Bullying 

I've felt their pain, I've walked in their shoes Learn how to help your child deal with personal attacks, ridicule, and obstacles become more confident in life.


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Help your Child Not to Feel So Alone

I have been called an autistic kid, retard, bullied, and have been a victim of others’ limiting beliefs about my abilities, and yet, I have become the victor in my life. I will help your child become stronger because they will know they are not alone.

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Uncover your Childs Unique Talents

People with autism spectrum disorder are born with talents that very few others have. Learn how to identify and use those talents to help your child create a life that they love.

Click the Button Below to Understand What It's Like to Have Autism

I'll sign and ship your personal copy of my book the next day.


Some of the insights you will gain by reading this book.

My book has fifty chapters.  Here is a sample of the chapters contained in my book:

Chapter 1: Welcome to My World

Chapter 2: Earliest Memory

Chapter 3: Communication

Chapter 5: Tortured by Bullies

Chapter 6: Dreams

Chapter 10: Healing Wounds

Chapter 13: Balance and Moods

Chapter 14: Identities

Chapter 16: Missed Out On Decades

Chapter 17: Growth of the Invisible Boy

Chapter 24: School Stories

Chapter 27: My View of Love

Chapter 30: “Nothing” Is Something

Chapter 35: Discovering Autism

Chapter 36: Nervousness and Embarrassment

Chapter 37: Possibilities of Change

Chapter 39: Heart and Mind

Chapter 40: Future Thoughts

Chapter 41: Young Imagination

Chapter 42: Routine

Chapter 44: Sensitivity

Chapter 45: Observing Behaviors

Chapter 50: I Have a Name

I have included these chapters so you can get an inside look into your childs mind. I want you to understand, and learn how they think. Also, I have purposely requested that my editor keep my book in “my voice”.  You have never read a book such as this!

You will see firsthand how I (and tens of thousands of others) with the unique gift of autism think differently.


I'll pay for the shipping.


Don't Take My Word For It

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"It helps us get to know someone who is different someone who's problems out weigh ours many times over. Helps us to feel someone else's pain and begin to have love and compassion for those who are different. Thank you Tyler"

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Ann Lord

"I enjoyed your book Population One and now I reading it a second time. I have a grandson, soon after to be 6 with autism."

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Brian Walker

"Myra and I received our copies of your wonderful book this morning, for me it was hard to put down your book to order 5 more copies. I have not even finished your book yet but the way you explain things really puts things together in my mind on ways to reach out gifted souls.  THANK YOU TYLER!"

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Valery Stark

"I am enjoying Tyler's book and I mention it every chance I get.I wish Tyler the best and I thank him and everyone involved for the book, it is a great read."

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Patrick Snow

This book is a must read for every school administrator in America as Tyler's message is the well needed national prescription to once and for all end bullying in schools!

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I loved your book, very much. It jumped around a lot and did not seem to be like all other books.