Learn How to Help Your Child With Autism Feel Better When You're Sad

Introducing the six-page social story that can help your child with autism understand and manage their sadness in a healthy way!

With this social story, your child will learn to recognize what sadness feels like and develop practical strategies to manage their emotions without having a meltdown or withdrawing.

This story is specifically designed to engage and connect with children with autism, so your child will feel comfortable and supported as they learn. The six-page format makes it easy for your child to follow along and understand the concepts presented in a clear and concise manner.

By reading this story with your child, you'll help them develop important emotional intelligence skills that they can use throughout their lives. Don't let sadness control your child's life - help them manage their emotions in a healthy way with this invaluable social story. Get your copy today!

"We printed and laminated this for my five-year-old son who is on the spectrum. I literally just used this, and it calmed him down quicker than anything else we've tried. I've sent it to his Paraeducator so she can use it during school too. So, THANK YOU for sharing."
Amanda Mahon

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