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Mom's Motorcycle

Photo by me.

Ten years old, few years after Dad left, we have moved over to a log cabin in the island. I remember the time very well. We lived normally, I went to school, Mom was a medical assistant, and things have been so very well living in the cabin. I can even remember the dancing that we would do when the music plays in the log cabin.

The one part that I remember very well, was when Mom brought home a motorcycle. A good pair of wheels like that would make parking in the city a lot easier, and it's fun to ride on. She enjoyed the two wheels and wanted me to be on the motorcycle.

I did not want to be on the motorcycle, and I was not very welcoming for the offer.

I wasn't too worried about how to balance on that thing while Mom drove it, it was primarily all about the noise it would make. It's not like a car at all because many would get used to the noise by now whenever someone goes out to the supermarket; And most would be inside the car when the engine stars. A motorcycle typically has no doors to get in, just hop on and feel the wind.

Mom knew all about me and loud noises, but she still wanted me to ride with her.

Safety always comes first, there is the motorcycle helmet. Thing about those big things is that you can't really cover your ears with your hands or fingers. For me anyway, I haven't really tried it yet. Before we even go on the motorcycle, I would try out the helmet. May have overreacted when I said that I couldn't breath, but that was when I learned about the open air holes on the top and side parts of the helmet, and there's the shield part, it was okay to leave it open. May would look silly wearing that helmet in the cabin, but it was a way to feel comfortable with it.

Then soon, it comes to the motorcycle. The main reason why I wanted to get on the motorcycle was because I wanted to give it all a good try. We didn't take any highways or anywhere that's big, we started off small in small town and straight roads that would go on for a little while before reaching our destination. Like the beach and the park. Wanted to get off of the motorcycle during trips, but then I would chew on concrete; I didn't want that. Best to just go along with the ride and know that the journey will end soon, then it'll all be calm and quiet.

I have learned that a good motorcycle rider can be just as good as the rider. Know how to lean and keep balance. Being a passenger on a motorcycle can be a skill, and I've been doing it for over ten years. Ever since then at the log cabin, we've been going places with two wheels; I enjoy the sound of speed, the environments being passed by as we look, and the destinations we've been arriving; New towns, new roads, new experiences.

And I have been given so many new experiences thanks to the breakthrough of that motorcycle. Someday I'll get my own and have my own adventures on two wheels.


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