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What Makes a Person with Autism Successful?

autism family mothers success Mar 04, 2017

I have a theory for that... family and teacher support.

It was a bit before the start of preschool. I was with my mother the most time so naturally, I never wanted to go to school because then I would be separated by my dear mommy. She gives me the most comfort when the world seems too scary for me, and going to school was tough; the thing about having autism is that change is extremely hard. Say you hang up your coat or backpack on the same hook, when that hook is being used by someone else, it can be a bit upsetting; that’s how change can be difficult at times, especially when you’re young.

After two weeks of settling in preschool, I found myself clinging onto the teachers more often than the kids. The kids thought I was weird and bizarre; often times I would hide in small places isolating myself. It was then a bunch of kids told me that I was extremely good at playing Hide, Go, and Seek. I didn’t know what the game was about, so they showed me how to play; and even learned how to count thanks to those kids.

I believe that with the help of teachers, people who are in the spectrum will feel even more comfortable being in school with a bunch of kids. It all starts with parents giving the child that is in the spectrum love, light, comfort, and companionship; and soon enough, it will apply to the child when being with teachers, students, and beyond.

Whether anyone has autism or not, anyone will remember those people that have made a major impact on their lives, especially when they were just preschoolers. There are a whole lot of stories to be told based on school; and I find all of them very interesting.


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