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Welcome to AutismWorks!

Hello there! Welcome to AutismWorks! My name is Tyler McNamer. As we get things set up for the brand new website, I would like to keep you updated on all the neat things that will soon be added onto the site; and you have gotten the chance to be up on the front seat and take a glimpse at the idea of what it is like to have autism.

To start off, I would like to take the moment to define what autism is generally about. Autism is commonly characterised by having the difficulties in communicating with other people. These difficulties include speaking, having eye contact, developing conversations and keeping them, self control, and listening. Autism presents itself in many different ways.  People who are on the lower functioning part of the spectrum cannot take care of themselves; the simple things such as eating, putting on clothes, speaking, and moving are extremely challenging for them. People who are in the higher functioning portion of the spectrum, can do most things that other people can do such as taking care of themselves and live independently; the main characteristic that stands out for those in the high functioning is a bit of social interaction trouble.

Is this all a bad thing? Depends how you look at it. The social interactions may be troubling, but the people who are on the spectrum trade the social part to other fantastic abilities such as the ability to make music, draw pictures, perform incredibly in sports, solve hard math equations easily, understand and be interested in science, and write what comes from the heart. These are just examples on what people young and old can do when they are in the spectrum. It’s like they are focused on one thing and become incredibly good at it that they rather draw pictures then hang out with schoolmates that want to be their friends.

Yes, it is difficult to maintain a mutual relationship, and that is why everything all comes down to being a team member; to those who have autism, and those who do not. That is why I hope to shine a much brighter light on the subject that autism can be seen as a superpower; and for others to understand just how outstanding the spectrum can be for the entire world.


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