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Social Story Character: Ella

Name: Ella

5 Favorite Hobbies:

  1. Spending time with her sisters
  2. Drawing abstract art
  3. Picking flowers
  4. Playing the Piano
  5. Photography

5 Favorite Things:

  1. Playing with her dog “Daisy”
  2. Eating ice cream
  3. Doing things with her Family (she prefers family over friends)
  4. Computers
  5. Art museums

5 Strengths:

  1. Amazing at drawing designs and adding color to them during her free time
  2. Talented singer
  3. Knows all of the bells and whistles in photography editing
  4. Her family and friends adore her bright beautiful smile
  5. Excellent at math, and writes the answers in an artistic kind of way

5 Weaknesses:

  1. Extremely shy
  2. Often times she isn’t strong or confident in what she does
  3. Hard to stay focused at school, and very insecure about her outward appearance, and her mind is typically on when she will see her big brothers again.
  4. Tends to get lost when people (other than family) come up to her to say hi or have a conversation.
  5. Doesn’t know how to use body language in a social situation


  • Married parents.
  • Has 2 big brothers (Eric & Ethan) and 3 big sisters (Elizabeth, Ember, & Emily)  Ella is the youngest of six children.
  • Her brothers are grown adults and together own one of the biggest fashion companies in the world; making designer clothing for fashion shows. Ella doesn’t get to see them that much even though they would like to.
  • The three sisters are teenagers. They go to high school and are very social and are always calling their friends and making plans. If the three sisters ever have any free time, they help Ella in being more social by hanging out with people that she might possibly  connect with and would find an interest in her creative drawings.

Bio: Ella was born into a rich family. Her parents own the largest clothing store in the area, and everyone shops there. Her older brothers followed in their parents footsteps and built their own fashion empire that focuses on higher end fashion and creativity. They all are very successful and wealthy.  Even though money is abundant, Ella feels happier when she keeps her life very simple. Whether it’s with school, or how she dresses, or eating simple foods; her comfort zone is simplicity and her parents guided her in that direction. They did not send her to a fancy private school, but rather chose a school that opened up opportunities to connect and make friends with other children in the community. While her entire family is very outgoing, Ella is very shy, but she wants to be more social and tries very hard. With every step that Ella makes, her family knows that she will do wonders with her amazing artistic capabilities. They want her to be successful, but at the same time, they want her to be happy in whatever she is doing.


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