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Social Media

I was the absolute worst in social media, so bad it hurts to think about it. Everything I am offline, I am online, I do not enjoy hiding and pretending I'm something I'm not, but I still had work to do in being social.

Now, I'm enjoying social media all for much different reasons.

Social media to me, is a lot like real life in terms of being social. For me, I have the tendency of speaking from the mind; hard to keep my thoughts to myself, and that ended up hurting me and getting me in trouble. It was bad; the first parts of using social media, way before I started writing a book that is. So I just gave up on it and played video games.

Social media now, I am able to speak from the mind and heart but taken to a much different approach as to finding and discovering things that spark interest and saying something about that in the lines of compliments. In Twitter, I use it for the news. Dairy Queen announcing the return of S'mores Blizzard is news to me! Or when there are new music featured in Napster, that's news to me!

In a way, to me, social media can be a custom made experience for anyone. There's no rules or certain ways of doing social media. Used to think it was a competition for getting the most approval ratings for each post, but whenever I post something creative like in Tumblr, I don't expect an audience, I just share my outlook on things that makes me feel comfortable to share. May not have a lot of followers or friends online, but I post as if the entire world is watching; Same goes with my blog too. It's a neat feeling. Never would want any expected behavior from whoever is watching or reading my content, just being myself; I think it's all right to be that way too. Never try to impress anyone (unless if it's like a comedy show where it's like "look at me!" Look at me!" sort of scenario. I think those kinds of skits are pretty funny. This means war! Ha ha! Only works in comedy routines, not much in social media. That's me anyway.) Fame is optional, I just like to share.

There are a lot that I have learned about social media in recent days; Like understanding that there are people that are indeed interested in you. Next to that, but also works really well in AutismWorks when there is a community that support each other. I am always so amazed on how much social media has helped me as I grow up fully understanding it and customizing it all to fit the appropriate standards.

Since this is a blog post about social media, I'll gladly share my accounts with you.

Honestly don't really use Facebook for personal reasons much. Just for AutismWorks. Feel free to join the group if you know someone that has autism or if your curious in wanting to learn more about it.


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