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Nighttime is a wonderful time of the day with it being all so quiet, so I figured the topic of snow would be an excellent tie-in in relation to the subject of autism.

Snow! You see the wonderful white stuff during the season of winter. When the temperature is cold enough, you’ll see the snow coming down. Would love to talk more about the snow on what it is and where it comes from, but I will get back on the topic of autism getting to the point on why snow is so very important in the topic of autism.

Think of it this way. Snow.

  • Cold
  • Soft
  • Hard (Ice)
  • Cushions a fall
  • Enjoyable to look at as it all goes down
  • Tastes like a snow cone with no flavor but water

Snow is something special. One thing that I have not mentioned in the list of six things is something I find the most important.




In about three feet of snow where the roads are not too safe for any car except the most likely exception of four wheel driving vehicles, the days and especially nights become almost completely silent! Nothing much you can hear other than the sound of your feet pushing down through the fresh powdered snow. When winter comes, take the time to really enjoy the winter season. Soak everything about the snow; Then make it a goal to compare it to the other seasons. It is quite uncanny how out of all of the four seasons, winter is the quietest of all seasons. The loudest? I would probably say spring. Ever seen or been to Spring Break? That is not snow, that is sand; which is the complete opposite of snow. Doesn’t melt, gets irritating, and gets quite warm. Now I love spring, it’s a wonderful season like every other season; but I enjoy thinking outside the box and understand how the winter season is so good.

Make it a goal to enjoy the snow. Whether it involves going up in the mountains or staying at home and having the chance to go outside when the snowflakes go down. So when you want to begin the journey in the subject of noise in the topic of autism, start with the snow.


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