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Repeating footage and/or sound over and over again. Why?

Here were some of the reasons for my part in terms of footage like videos.

  • Facial and body expressions in certain moments that spark interest
  • Part of the footage where there's a neat musical part even if it's short
  • Wanting to catch something thinking it was abnormal
  • A line of dialogue that sounds noteworthy for real life situations
  • Certain patches of color or lack of that is worth seeing again
  • A funny or cool moment

Here were some of the reasons for my part in terms of sounds including music.

  • Sound effects that involves a fat beat that sounds neat like a heartbeat
  • Sounds become so addictive in a way during a game that it's hard to move on
  • Parts of music that become calm all of a sudden after some energy
  • Music in itself calms and relaxes the mind
  • Hard to expand on music when the same song is being played over and oever
  • A part of the lyrics that feel most appropriate depending on what's going on

I would repeat VHS tapes and DVDs in movies over and over again, same goes with music in CDs, but not as much as footage found in video. Biggest reason why has been because it helps me decompress and relax many times; Never really liked watching movies with anyone else because I knew that I like to pause and rewind and do all that repeating stuff. Just a way to be courteous with others for me was to not watch with anyone; Wasn't because I didn't want to see the film, but it would be a different experience when I wouldn't need to interrupt. I can interrupt on my spare time when I'm doing it alone. Time to be with others, I can repeat things at a different time.

Today, I still enjoy repeating things over and over again; Mostly in my own privacy. It became a useful trait to enjoy hearing and watching things over and over again because sometimes I would enjoy doing video edits for fun. There, I can listen to parts of audio and look at footage over and over again until I get a certain part of the video project the way I want it to. I understand that many repetitions can be irritating to many, but that's why it's fun to expand and find other things that can be worth repeating.


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