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In the most recent keynote event I have attended to, I have been contact by teachers in Pullman, Washington. It's way out in the East close to the state of Idaho.

I got so excited to go! Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the trees in the West of Washington and enjoy some of the desert areas. The trip was nice, and I took a lot of pictures. The ones up above are a few of my favorites. Dad took that one of me when I was speaking.

This was a high school that I went. Teachers wanted me to speak about autism and I delivered. Main theme of the three separate talks was about "what I wished my teachers knew then about me" when I was going through school. Sort of reversed that topic question with a little something of my own. "What I wished I would have said if I had the ability to communicate properly during the beginning years of school." It was a great time talking in front of teachers, and I think some students even came into the room too. Crazy part about it was that in the first two talks, I talked in a classroom, but on the third talk, there was so many people that came to hear me speak that we had to move to the auditorium (above)! Flattered and excited, I delivered insight, information, and excitement in growing up with autism during school.

Thanked everyone for their time and for inviting me. Always neat talking with the teachers after the speeches and hearing their stories. Teachers mold the children of the future I would say, and they gave us great hospitality! We gave free copies to the teachers that were interested. Donations from us to the school. Education is important, and we were having a blast teaching the audience!

 Wasn't the first time I went all the way to the East side of Washington for speaking engagements. Colville was my first and Pullman was my second. Would love to do it more often. Gives me reason to drive long distances and meet new people.

Thank you again for the hospitality, Pullman.


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