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You are perfect just the way you are.

It can be a common struggle for people who have autism. Wanting to escape from the diagnosis and be perfect. Possible to escape indeed and become someone else, but you still have autism. In this case, it can be very difficult to want to be perfect and to make no mistakes; Truth is, there is always going to be mistakes. Another truth to this is everyone that does not have autism also makes mistakes.

There is one thing I have always wanted to try out and see if it may work. Whenever mistakes happen and children know that they have made a mistake and beat themselves up for it, the idea that I came to mind is a series of videos of people making similar mistakes. Reason why I wanted to see how the strategy play out is so the children can understand that it it not just them that makes similar mistakes, a lot of people can relate, but one of the key parts of these videos is how do they handle these mistakes. Now that I think of it, if I was watching, I'd probably feel bad for not handling it this way. Then again, I have had experience of seeing unexpected behaviors in other videos and feeling bad, but I have learned so much from them that even though it was hard, it felt incredibly necessary.

Perfection. Many of us want it, the way I see it is a perfect person is someone that admits his/her mistakes and continue with passion. Of course, it's just a thought, you can disagree on that, I like sharing how I see the world. Even when there are no mistakes, I believe there is such thing as a perfect day. When things go your way; Feeling like a king and queen, and everyone is happy. It is possible to have those kinds of days, I have hope.

The way I see perfection in people now is to not think about it too much. Back then, it felt like a priority. So much so that I have given up a few times. Given up as in not wanting to do anything. Never try, never fail. Catchy quote, but not really the most proudest series of words being put together. I would say you will try and you will fail and you will succeed. That's my way of seeing it; Take it from me when I made countless mistakes. Could go through them all, but readers would get the idea already; Many have already had similar situations, it's all about how to succeed and celebrate the success. That to me feels much more rewarding than being perfect.

Even entertainers and artists that have mastered their crafts can make mistakes too. Fans can say that they are perfect; Nothing wrong with that, because they enjoy what they do; It's another way of saying I love this artist and/or entertainer. In the literal sense, there can be areas where like in a band, the sound equipment starts to fail; for makeup artists, maybe a little too much makeup resulting in not intended results; for illustrators, a finished piece of art and then realizing they have missed an important detail; As you can well imagine, even the greatest of the greats are not perfect. What makes them fantastic is how they handle mistakes. Things may not go as planned, but that is where the problem solving mode starts to kick in; Even that can take some time to get used to and make it feel much more natural.

Discovering imperfect examples I believe is incredibly important for children and young adults. It is a neat idea for artificial intellectual humanoid robots that can show that they are perfect, while we can learn from them, since I was little, I have liked the idea of challenging these androids so they can make mistakes. I don't know if anyone really wants to be an android. All five main senses would not be the same I do not think. Touch, hear, taste, see, and smell. Little bit of different can make the world colorful.

There is this old saying. Practice makes perfect. My music teacher taught me and my classmates: Practice makes permanent, not always perfect.

You are perfect just the way you are.


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