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When folks ask me how I think, I say I think in patterns.

Little known secret, I have always been so fascinated with patterns. What kind of patterns? Any kind of pattern of course! You see them in clothing, in houses, in food, in business practices and so on.

It all started back in kindergarten when I was given a book that was all about patterns. For example, I remember the pattern that goes “shirt, pants, pants, pants, SHIRT, pants, pants, pants, shirt” then it asks what comes after “shirt”? It was an easy simple exercise in understanding patterns and I really enjoyed those activity books involving them. The answer was “pants” in case you were wondering. As I’m typing this, I began to realize that I am more into jeans than I am with shorts or long johns.

Speaking of pants, just recently I have found a brand of jeans with my name on it which is “Tyler”. I didn’t hesitate to buy a pair because I needed new jeans anyway. This brings up the next part in patterns that involves fashion. I LOVE fashion! I do not go out very often, but when I do, I always want to look my best. Even back when I was in first grade I wondered what would look good. All because of the patterns. Far beyond the shirts and pants, I look at the colors featured in the clothing and see what looks good but also understand WHY it looks good too. That led to the conclusion where when it comes to fashion, I developed The Trio Rule. That means that an outfit can work out so beautifully well when it has a maximum of three colors. It’s a pattern! Then there comes a time when the wild card is being played, that is the monochrome which is either black or white or both being added into the outfit. Black and white goes with all colors. There came a time where after being so hyper focused on patterns, I wanted to come up with new patterns that may work too and fashion was a way to explore that further. What are some of your favorite patterns that you have come across?

Then there are patterns that have been seen in acts of social communications. Secretly, I have been observing other people in social patterns and have made many attempts to replicate such patterns in school. I have succeeded in some areas, other times I ended up embarrassing myself. I’ve never  been the type of person that would give up easily, so I kept changing patterns and then following patterns when it came to social interactions until I could find my own pattern that worked. But like fashion, I continue to experiment with social patterns and wording, that’s why I go to the library so I continue to learn new things about people. People always fascinate me. Patterns change constantly. I had to learn the hard way when the patterns continue to break. Something that doesn’t fit the daily pattern, I would freak out inside my head. I am guilty of doing that today too when there are sudden changes that are happening, but on the other hand, I do enjoy a good surprise here and there. Especially when I’m on tour for my speaking engagements.

I think in patterns towards just about everything. When I look at something interior, I look at the outside too. I also study business practices and look at how things work in several different industries and what their patterns are. The fun part for me is when I look at these patterns is hyposisising on how to BREAK THEM. Break the patterns, break the standards, so they can be built into completely different concepts that work. It needs to be something that stands out as being fresh. I have always said that I do not want to reinvent the wheel, rather, I have something else in mind. I want to reintroduce the wheel that can be a brand new pattern that can and will be possible in the future. Reintroducing the product of choice to the future generations. 

In the book I wrote “Becoming ONE”  I talked about no one being left behind and that includes new generations of people that want to be introduced to something old as something new for the first time. That is the pattern I want to become a revolutionary reality.

I believe that patterns will result in spectacular breakthroughs. I do not believe in overthinking when autism is the topic of choice for what to discuss. Know the patterns, know the solutions. That’s how I see it. How do you see it? How do you see patterns? What are some of your favorite patterns? Never hesitate to reach out to me when it comes to these kinds of topics, I enjoy a good conversation.


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