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Would you believe me when I say that partying is a skill to master? May not have been hard for many, in fact, so many people are looking forward for another social gathering involving food, drinks, and entertainment. I... wasn't so much way back in the day.

When parties would come up as a topic of choice, I would get so scared and nervous of the thought of parties. Why was that? For my case, it was:

  • Crowded areas
  • Loud music
  • Interacting with others
  • Confetti

Oh the confetti! That was the worst! I remembered one kid threw a bunch of confetti at me and just wanted to go home. Were we against parties when I was little? Nope; Mom and Dad knew some things can be challenging for parties, but that has been the idea of the challenges in the first place. To be challenged to better myself, because they know I can be better then what I was currently.

In a way, we learned how to celebrate properly; And there have been so many things to celebrate about. However we celebrated; Small ones like leaping up in the air, or big ones like a bouncy house and a Hot Wheels themed party. Boy that was a lot of fun! We didn't really do much when it came to surprise parties, instead, we would plan them and be notified on what will happen at the parties. Today, I love a good surprise! May not be prepared, but that's what makes it fun!

Celebrate properly, then came to the parties with no surprises; and we would have fun thinking about what we could be doing in the parties. Like eating cake, playing with toy cars, and having fun outside; I found myself enjoying it the more I do these activities, and even if I didn't know how to play the games, I felt comfortable asking parents, and they would encourage me to ask the other kids, and we would have a conversation.

After a while of doing parties, there came to a point where I felt comfortable being with kids my age even more. I have during school, but felt like I can be more myself and explore the fun side in me! At school dances and even in arcades, I would discover these catchy songs fit for dancing! I was at the stage where I was inviting other genres of music to my ears so it went from classical to slowly making its way to dance music.

How did I started to like dancing? It's crowded, got loud music, and it could be too much. Started with elementary. In music class, we would practice square dancing; We knew the routine how to square dance and I have gotten used to the dancing and slowly got very enjoyable. I have always been interested in music, and it was at that moment that a lot of songs can add a dancing flare to it. Then came to a big dance with a bigger space that was the gym, and a lot of kids around having a good time. Decided to follow the crowd. My parents taught me one lesson which was observing what others are doing and then do what they're doing. That goes with sitting at the desk, going outside for recess, and going on the bus as examples. So when it came to the dances, I followed the group and danced with them! That went from elementary, to middle, to high school! Still love a good dance here and there. Gotta say, the music got a lot louder since elementary to high school, and that's alright with me; Worth the challenge to accomplish.

To me, partying can be a skill to master; I can never say what parties are good and what are not so good; The way I see a party is, if you're having fun, if others are having fun, then it is all a success! Seek out the party warriors, the grand masters of having a good time, and they'll teach you how to party! So many accomplishments in whatever goes on growing up with autism, and it is never too late to learn how to celebrate these victories; All you got to do is practice and practice and you'll learn how to party like a superstar!


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