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Making Peace

Making Peace

No one was ever the villain.

I want to make this blog post brief and to the point.

Not too long ago this month, I decided to go say hello to a schoolmate I used to go to high school with. Knew him since elementary.

I took a good gander at what I did say to him much MUCH much earlier; eight years ago to be specific, and I was not proud of myself for what I have said to him. I can't tell you the details but I will say that the main reason why I said those wrong things was because of the absence of inclusion. Abandoned, alone, and left out. Still was not right to say rude things. I still had to say something to him to say hi, and I couldn't just ignore my mistake, so I went on and said that I was a big jerk back then and that I was sorry for so many things.

The guy said no hard feelings and said that HE was a bit of a jerk too. I didn't believe him, and wanted to take all of the blame saying he and the friends were innocent and I was the villain.

Then he responded by saying something I now keep in mind and feel like he would be a great keynote speaker. He told me: "No one was ever the villain."

Keep in mind that I’m not giving out crystal clear details and not giving out any names other than my own; Privacy reasons. I made up that rule myself whenever I’m sharing something. No one was ever the villain; And I kept thinking I was after high school. Since then today, the epiphany came when I thought of the conclusion that many times our greatest enemies are ourselves. I hated myself; Wished things were different when I was more socially acceptable, but whatever happened happened, no going back, time to move on and go forward.

So I complimented the guy about that statement, and we briefly caught up on what’s been going on since high school. He has been a good student and classmate; intelligent and friendly. Doing very well today since we chatted for a bit. Afterwards, it felt like we made peace with each other and that there is a hope of a fresh new start for all of us. All of the schoolmates and me. Having the hope that one day I’ll see them all, grab a bite, have a drink, and talk; Maybe even do something together and begin the fresh new start of a mutual relationship.

When there are times where you may feel like the villain because of many past mistakes, never give up hope for peace. Making the choice to learn from these mistakes and how to move forward; You will know who the good people are when they forgive. They forgive you; The question is, when are you going to forgive yourself? Once both sides take the time to forgive and choose to move forward, you will make peace with not just on others, but for yourself as well.


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