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Tyler's School Presentation Video

My first professional public speaking engagement was in a middle school. Kopachuck warmly welcomed me to their event in which they have hired me to give some incite in autism and to share some motivation for the summer.

I can spend hours looking back and feeling down about how I have handled everything there, such as my movements after the speech and the way I styled my hair; not the most skilled hairstylist back then. But I would rather talk about good things about the event, and plus, it was my first professional public speaking event in which I was hired to speak and sell some books!

My dad told me that middle school students are one of the hardest groups to speak in front of. Couldn’t really figure out why that is, but I knew that I have do something to entertain and educate these kids. So I got on it with the outline and Dad coached me on how to use the outline well. Part of the outline contained some fun entertaining information about the success story of Satoshi Tajiri, and his little project known as Pokémon. I figured a lot of kids would be familiar with the Nintendo franchise. Somewhere in my speech, I have lost my place and I could hear myself talking by my right ear; could be because I was nervous, but I wanted to keep going.

I was ever so happy when my mother, my father, my teacher named Melanie Elliot, and my grandmother in which I call her Mormor (Mother’s mother in Swedish). They gave me support, especially my mom who has been around with me the longest. Sad that I cannot see her in the video.

What came as a surprise for me is that the kids stood up after I was done talking! A standing ovation. I didn’t really know what a standing ovation was until Mom told me what it was after the event, and I was ever so thankful.

I have signed a whole lot of books after the speaking engagement. It really made me happy when I see children wanting to read my book. Glad I have made those fifty chapters short providing information about the first person perspective in what it is like to have autism.

Before the signing, children started coming up to me as shown in the video. Gave out compliments, asked me questions, shared some Pokémon interests, wanted autographs on whatever they have, and wanted to see me dance even. I felt silly sharing a tiny bit of dancing because my heart wasn’t all in it, but still kind of a silly moment that kids wanted to see.

Then there was this one kid that ran up and hugged me! Unexpected yet charming, I very much appreciate it, even though I honestly don’t like hugs; not because I am a mean person, but just because I’m sensitive to touch and I’m more used to my family hugging me. She thanked me for the inspiration, and I thanked her for her kindness. I was grateful that everyone came to the event to hear what I had to say.

After I signed books and got a chance to know people, I had another event called: The Writer’s Workshop! What it is about is how books are generally made and how I have managed to get my first book published.

The giant chunk of time remaining was all about questions from the audience for me to answer. Funny, I remember questions that involve video games. Flattered I was, even though I am very good at video games, I wanted to focus on books.

Writer's Workshop Video

The last thing I said in this video was “Right on!“. One of the longest afternoons for a hired event, it was well worth my time and energy. I would love to do something like that again. I enjoy being busy; when it comes to content that involves education and/or entertainment, I am ever so happy to provide that for the world.


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