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Explore the World!

It’s an exciting world! Go out and explore it! Not talking about virtual worlds in the video games, because that would be far too easy; I love a good challenge, and I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and discover the world.

  • Locations
  • Foods
  • People
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Events
  • Movies
  • Shows

The list goes on. Are you missing out on any of them? Depends on how you look at it. You could be missing out on something so horrible that you may feel so joyful to not have to suffer through the experience. And that is okay.

But you will never know unless you try.

The worst experience, or one of them, was going out to the drag races. Those chaotic events are full of cars so loud they rival thunder! I have talked about the experience on an earlier blog so I’ll keep it small and simple. Dad wanted to challenge me, I didn’t know what was going on, I experienced all of the chaos, the jetskis didn’t sound as loud after the events. Feel free to read the full story involving the drag races; The picture is the dragster on fire. The story was so important that I even told it in a playful fantasy way in my book, Becoming ONE. Feel free to check it out!

You see, that’s the thing about trying new things; Try it one time, and then you choose not to do it again. Or try it again in the next few years when you are ready. By choice. That was what encouraged me and my family. Doing things by choice. It was the idea of not forcing one another to do things, but instead being exposed and choose to have these kinds of new experiences. After the drag racing experience, I made the choice to choose to try out new experiences. Taking the dragon by the scales and prepare for either a very bad time or a very good time. Didn’t just choose anything, I just nail it down to math. I enjoy video games, so I’ll try going to an arcade! I enjoy dancing, so I’ll give a nightclub a go; I like those places, they got good music and a lot of color! Still enjoy vibrant colors today. It’s like seeing tie-ins to see what may be a guarantee success.

I may be a young adult now, but I still keep in touch with my mom and dad when going out. Let them know:

  • Where I am going.
  • What am I doing.
  • When I’m back home.

It’s how we work in my family. I let them know what’s going on and if I won’t make it back home at a specific time, I let them know I’ll be this amount of minutes or hours late. All in math really, I like to strategize when it comes to time. So satisfying to make it back on time as promised. It’s called responsibility. You can master responsibility too! All you have to do is practice. Don’t ever think of keeping in touch as over controlling or feeling trapped, think of it as simply checking in while enjoying your freedom! Since I was talking a little bit about video games early on, think of it this way. One of my favorite computer game series is Battlefield. The way I play the games is I check in and report on where I am at and what objective I want to defend or capture with my squadmates. I know people play Battlefield in a variety of ways, but for me, I enjoy keeping folks informed. To me, good communication leads to victory; and when it comes to enjoying some of that sweet independence, good communication leads to even more freedom! Shows that you’re trusted and most importantly, shows you are responsible.

How do you get started?

I understand that getting started is the hardest part; so is just about everything else come to think of it. I have yet to start working on that untitled animated project. Top secret, shh… I may have an idea on how to get started on how to get out of the house and find your independence. Start asking! Ask your parents how to find that independence. Let them know you want to have a driver’s license. I see the driver’s license as a key to your freedom, but everyone is different; Folks would prefer taking the bus or the taxi. I love to drive, but taking the bus is quite refreshing; makes it feel like an adventure. Never knew where I would end up. Now I feel like taking an adventure heading Eastbound as I am writing this. There’s this really neat record store that I want to go to. Anyway, exploring the world! It rocks! It is not my job to tell parents what to do because every parent is different when it comes to raising their children, because like I have always said, parenting is an art in of itself; as long as it works for them. I just enjoy giving some ideas and suggestions.

This is not a solo journey. Always reach out for help. I still reach out for help when I’m lost. Want to get out of the house and explore the world? Work for it! It’ll be a good challenge for you. Make it a priority to ask as many questions as you want to your parents on how to achieve it. It may be difficult, but like all challenges, it may be hard, but never impossible to accomplish. There are no limits to freedom, only adjustments to make it all work. Put in the work to make it work!


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