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Chaos & Order (Different VS. Same)

chaos order Jul 22, 2019

Here's a question.

Would you want to have a day full of unexpected surprises or a day where everything goes your way?

Lot to think about; it's okay, you can take your time.

I took the time to take out the dictionary and look up the definition of the word: Chaos.

It reads:

"Confused unorganized state of primordial matter before the creation of distant forms."

Many people relating to the topic of autism would go through the times everyday where it can be extremely chaotic; Even for the smallest of things that would feel very out of line that children with autism would freak out!

That is why there is order. Here are some examples that are in control.

  • Eating certain foods
  • Going to certain places
  • Playing certain games
  • Watching certain movies
  • Touching certain textures
  • Listening to certain songs

Being familiar with what goes on; Everything becomes routine, everyone is happy and things no longer becomes chaotic. Indeed, order is very self explanatory; Simply put, don't change a thing. Never change a thing. Makes things easier for everyone.

Never try, never fail.

Try, and you will fail. That is what I will say; And it is the most honest truth. But it would be cruel to leave it at that, I would also say:

Keep trying.
Never quit.
Finish the job.

It is the duty of the children and to the parents to try new things and want to try new things. Breaking the cycle and expand the horizons.

Is chaos better than order? Is order better than chaos? Not at all. Like the Yin and the Yang of Chinese philosophy. Opposing powerful forces that compliment each other; creating a unique balance and bond. Too much chaos, it will become way out of control; Too much control, and eventually something, even to the tiniest of detail will become very chaotic.

While there is the importance of balance, the question still remains. Do you want chaos? Or do you want order? Where everything is different all the time, or where everything is perfect the way it is and not want to make any changes? There are no wrong or right answers to this.

Good choice! Now the question is how long are you going to have it until you might want the other choice too? That is one thing I have asked myself when I chose chaos in high school and afterwards. Always wanting to discover new things all the time and to try to take on new challenges. Currently, I am challenging myself to publish the second book and for a fun little pleasure project, I am trying out computer animation; Self teaching myself, watching some videos and reading a lot of books about it. While I go all over the place, I have experienced a major consequence. That was not becoming stable in what was important. My business. Felt so ashamed that I had my head down with my hoodie up; AutismWorks is like my kid. Want to treat it with care and compassion, so that is where order steps in and saves the day from chaos.

Way back in the day, order has been a good thing going on. Things stayed the same, and there was hardly any hardships. Then came the time where I became bored and with the help of my parents pushing me to try new things, there has been a time where I welcome all new challenging things, and I LOVED it! Welcome the challenges and then wanting to take on the challenges too. Feels like something is missing without a good challenging experience, but then learned how things must be organized so things don't get too out of control within the chaos.

It is possible for children with autism to have this kind of balance. Chaos is scary; Don't know what is going to happen, but sometimes that can be the very fun part about it. Nice little surprises about the world and about your world at the same time. This can take a very long time to find this unique balance, but I always have the hope that anyone can grow and thrive and have the ability to become who they choose to be.


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