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autism communication dance Nov 07, 2017

"How does it feel to get your work done?"

"I feel like dancing!"

I love dancing! Been doing it since I was a toddler. Why is it so important?

It's another form of communication! I never knew how to form words when it comes to social interactions, so instead, dancing is one of the things I would do to communicate in a way; A unique way to bond with someone or with other people when there are people to dance with.

One challenge I had was loud music, and there are a lot of loud moments when it comes to dances, learning about people coming together to dance, I challenged myself to handle the noises so I can dance with others! Sure would do just about anything just to spend time with people in my peer group, and the dances was a great example on what I would do to have a good time being with others while doing one of my favorite activities, and that is to dance.

Today, I still enjoy a good dance here and there. Sometimes when I hear good news or anything positive that someone told me, I would dance to that in such a comedic way. Just one of my personal quirks that I'm not afraid to share. But other than that, when there's a local street dance, I would love to go to those places. A break from wearing khakis and wear jeans and street attire. Fun to become a different persona while being myself.

I really do think dancing is good. Great exercise, and it can be fun! At times even brings smiles to the dancers themselves. I know it makes me happy when I dance and have a good time. Don't have to have experience, everyone's different when it comes to dancing, it's like an art, and everyone's got their own style. All worth a try, even when it can be seen as silly.


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