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Computer Games

I grew up with computers. Those machines that make cool noises when starting it up and the monitor screens to see what goes on in these wonderful devices.

When I think of using a computer, now I think of work and music, but back then, it was computer games! Sure there was internet, but I wasn't really into that back then, it was computer games! I used to think that anything that involved a CD would be a game, even CDs made for music. Just the cover art made me think that they might have been computer games. Not just games in general, but software where I can learn a few things here and there on the screen.

Some of the software programs involve content from:

  • Microsoft
  • DK
  • Jumpstart
  • Tonka
  • Humongous Entertainment
  • Math/Reading Blasters
  • David Macaulay

Some of the content provided may involve letters and numbers, the basic stuff for younger children, some involve harder topics like science, history, and animals. What makes these programs and games so successful to me is the color. Always so drawn to the color and how the animation of whatever goes on can be so basic. Some choppy but you easily know what's going on and is welcoming.

It was easy doing reading, knowing the numbers and letters, and navigating through the games and software; however, there was one thing in Jumpstart that I had so much trouble on. This one challenge involved using the imagination on what could happen next based on whatever was going on in the illustration. Had to have Dad help me out with that one challenge. I had a very big imagination, but never knew how to share it. Besides, I was so into multiple choice answers that putting things into my own words was quite difficult.

I almost played age appropriate titles. I said "almost" because even if I were to play a title that's not appropriate for me, I would get in big trouble and would write "I will not play violent video games." over a hundred times in paper and pencil. Grown up games and kid games. I knew the difference. Always believe that video games and computer games effects the mind, and it's scientifically accurate. Thinking back, I'm glad I played those age appropriate games, and sometimes would feel like going back and learning.

"Learning? You already know your ABCs and 123s!"

It's true, I do know the academics well, but I still like to learn from these kinds of computer games and software for kids in a different way. I would learn what makes these games stand out and how they have helped me and other kids. Is it the color scheme? Is it the characters? What is it about them that works well? So fascinating to me to learn the way children's games work. Worth exploring. Didn't have to be popular, it can be software found at a local library and it'll still have value!

Overall, computer games not just had me learning about the academics, it also helped me learn about certain sounds I could get used to, different facial expressions used, the colors are neat to look at, the characters aren't just there, they also had their own unique personalities, and the best part of it all is that I can take as long as I want for each activity that is going on.

Now, smaller devices like a tablet can feature similar features as was on the computer. Feel free to try out some of the recommended software programs I have listed above. They provide content that's entertaining and educational for everyone. Autism or otherwise.


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