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autism bully bullying Mar 30, 2017

Who wants some of that action? I didn’t think so. No one deserves to be treated terribly during school and beyond. One sad fact is that autism is one of the main targets for bullies.

Why is that? I might have a theory or two about that. First, I’ll talk a little about what bullying is generally about.

Basically, what bullying is about is someone that provides harm to another person physically and emotionally. This can be done offline and offline; it is all not uncommon. As I mentioned in the book that even adults can be bullies too; always believed that since school since it was common that I have been a target for bullies of any kind.

Especially (Unnamed). Oh that (Unnamed), that was the worst! It was way back in the day, I’d say when I was nine; I know (Unnamed) today has gotten way better afterwards, but my experience was not so great. It’s not the part where I was emotionally and physically punished for playing around in the sandbox by mean giant kids, but the staff members were no help at all; and even blamed me for getting what I deserved. No joke! So out of anger, I self taught myself how to defend myself; and after I threw the giant to the ground, I just walked away and hid in the forest until Dad picked me up. Didn’t want to tell him how (Unnamed) was a terrible place because in my head, I figured he was too busy to care, and that it will be too expensive to exchange new places.

What is the theory or two? Well, I believe that it happens because someone who is considered strange and bizarre would be considered not one of us, and deserve to get what they deserve in order to fit in with society. Another theory is that people do not understand and are very much afraid of that person, so to solve it all, they pick on the person to make them feel better. Just a couple of theories, nothing too serious.

I did say that students are some of the individuals that can make major impacts on others, either in a bad way or in a very good way. The one thing I have thought of that was considered bullying was not being able to fit in and being heard. I’m still not a hundred percent sure, but the fact of not being accepted and being understood is quite heartbreaking. I had a rough time in high school. I just wanted to be accepted by the schoolmates I grew up with since grade school and did it in a very inappropriate way. Now that I’m older and much more wiser than before, I know how to communicate the right way without causing any harm.

If there is anyone no matter what they have that has been bullied, take action right away, and to the people being bullied, please seek help. It is not alright to continue the pain. Parents and teachers are there to save the day.


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