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art autism writing May 09, 2017


Drawing, sculpting, and writing are examples of art.

I used to think that writing never really was considered an artform until I was sixteen. When I think of ‘art’, I think of the stuff you see at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) or anything that shows off a picture of some sorts. I’ve seen some drawings done by people with autism, and most of these drawings are no different than any of the other creative art that has being shown, but the meaning behind these drawings are even more surprising. For example, a man draws an entire city at bird’s eye view because of his uncanny photographic memory of the time he was in a helicopter ride. Another thing I saw recently is someone drew their favorite fictional made up characters next to the autism awareness ribbon logo, or another drawing where characters put all the colorful pieces together. To me, there are stories behind every one of these drawings and different kinds of artwork.

Photography is another type of art! I enjoy some good photography action from time from time. I might even share some of my pictures to you someday. The way I do photography is that I sneak around being all quiet and stealth like and take pictures and make them look like something you would hang up on the wall. It’s all very fun and sure takes a break from the writing, even though you can still write when outdoors.

There’s something about art that is always intriguing to us. Could be the meaning behind the art, could be the colorful scenery, could be that the art can somewhat be relatable, or it could be that it’s the time to escape and be a part of the fantasy. Movies, television shows, video games, and otherwise all have some kind of art in these things, and they are a joy to look at. A really neat talent to have on the many different occasions.

Give it a try on whatever art you are interested in. Drawing, photography, writing, sculpting, and so on. You might even surprise yourself. Don’t try to impress anyone, everyone’s got their own style.


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