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A Little Bit About Us

Tyler McNamer is an author and motivational speaker. Although he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2, he learned to overcome his challenges and embrace the unique perspective he could offer the world. It is this attitude that makes him a role model, particularly for those with autism or who may be perceived as being different. As Tyler puts it, I have been blessed with autism my entire life. I have chosen to accept my label of autism not as a disability, but as an extraordinary ability. Knowing that this viewpoint could help those who struggle with being different, Tyler decided to write a book to inspire others. At the age of 17, he published Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed. This remarkable book details Tyler s life with autism while encouraging others to overcome their own challenges and accomplish their dreams.

Having emerged as an up-and-coming voice in the autism community, he entertains thousands of people at schools and organizations all over the country as a motivational speaker.  He also provides content for his website

Since the writing of Population ONE, Tyler and his Dad have had the privilege of meeting thousands of people affected by autism. They have been touched by the heartfelt comments, and hundreds of thousands of "likes" of the Population ONE video.

Population ONE was to be the beginning of something special.  As Tyler and his Father traveled across the country, they met the most incredible people;  Mothers, fathers, teachers, grandparents, doctors, clinicians, school administrators, social workers, adults with autism, children with autism, all sorts of people with the most amazing stories, each having unique talents and abilities.  

They noticed that when people came together, began to communicate, shared their experiences, utilized their unique abilities and stories to help another person, amazing things started to happen.  Breakthroughs were experienced, hope was regained, and progress was made.  The impossible, in an instant, became possible again.  They experienced this phenomenon at every venue they spoke at.  

So they started to work on a business model that would deliver a similar experience online so that everyone in the world could share, connect, and benefit.  A website, and member experience, that will improve the lives of those affected by autism by delivering strength, support, and education.  The resulte is this website


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