AutismWorks Programs

Population ONE: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to the Succeed

This book is not just a book about autism; it's a book about overcoming our challenges and differences.



Questions About Autism Answers That Work

After receiving hundreds and thousands of questions from all around the world, Tyler McNamer decided to answer most puzzling questions about autism in a weekly webinar series. 



Social Stories 

These social stories have been most effective in various ways of making autism more workable. You'll get 9 printable social stories: Anger Management, Zones of Regulation, Private Space, How to ask for turn, Making Eye-Contact, Turn Taking, Sadness Handling and more.




Individualized Educational Plan

The IEP focuses on the Individual Education Plan a child can receive due to autism. The IEP is a legal document that can protect your child by helping him in many areas of his schooling. It is developed by a team of professionals within the school system, you, and possibly the child as well. If your child’s autism is impacting his education in any way, an IEP can be developed for him in order for him to receive special education support services and related services. These services are provided in a multitude of ways throughout the school day to help your child succeed in school in all areas of development.



Tips from Tyler

43 short videos that discuss the top questions that people ask Tyler.



Autism: A Father's Perspective 

Jody McNamer, the father of Tyler shares his insight on raising a child with autism that has become an international best selling author and speaker.  Over two hours of instruction, presented in 27 videos.  You will learn some key strategies that were used to help Tyler to develop speech, reduce "meltdowns" and increase social skills.



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