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The Real Reason Why I Look At The Reflection

It is a strange habit that I find myself doing for as long as I can remember. I just thought about this recently when I was on my lunch break and it got me thinking long and hard about it. I find myself looking at myself in the mirror almost every day; Not just mirrors, windows, lake water, and anything else where I can see myself.

I promise you, this is not a “you are so full of yourself, Tyler'' moment; trust me, I have heard of that reply from a good friend of mine several times. I laughed it off. It’s not really funny though I do not think. Oh no, most of the time as much as I do not want to look at the reflection, I just could not resist and this is why.


  • Having a conversation with myself.


I get lonesome really easily ya know. I sort of figured if there was anyone I could talk to, it would be him, the boy in the reflection. How I talk to him doesn’t come from talking with the mouth, no it does not; we talk with our eyes. The last blog post was all about the animals and how it can be possible to have a unique conversation with them just by using eye contact; I believe that this is the same when it comes to the reflection.

What do we talk about? Just about everything really. What clothes to wear, what the plan is for the day, and what scares me; Few examples on what conversations we would have. I have done this so many times that there came a point where we even had very heated arguments with each other. Oh yes, it has happened many times and will happen many more times. So much to the point where I wrote another book based on our many conversations. Will confirm that the books were the result of talking to the reflection. I have said that I wrote Population: ONE & Becoming ONE as if I was talking to someone. It was comforting. It still is. I am currently doing it right now.

There is this chapter in Becoming ONE entitled The Figure. Same idea of having someone to be with. Feels good to have someone talk, argue, agree, disagree, and even scream at; just by not saying anything and using eye contact. Give it a try!


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